Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mom Fail

This summer A was in the preschool class (2-4yrs old) for our church's VBS. During the night time program where the kids sing and do motions A just looked around and kept her fingers in her mouth during the two songs. She knew all the words and would sing them for us at night, but I guess she just got stage fright. My parents had even come into town to see her 'perform.'

From the time I heard her 2 year old preschool class would be singing "Jingle Bells" in the Christmas program at school I've been asking her if she would sing for us this time. She said she would and we practiced her song with her at home. She even showed me how she rings the bells how to do her one motion, sticking her arm up on "Hey!"

So Wednesday morning arrives and she's super excited. It's 9:15 and I've already gotten G dressed and I'm thinking I'm doing pretty good. I get A dressed and myself dressed and some how the time flies by and it's 9:40. The program starts at 10 and I'm supposed to have her there at 9:50 to get lined up. So we get everything in the car by 9:50 and I race to the school. How can I be late on this day!!!??? I am so frantic, we park hastily and it's just a little past 10, I'm praying that they'll start late. I run past the 4 year old class, the 3 year old class (while the teachers and helpers are telling the kids not to run) and rush her right up to the front of the church where the other 2 year olds are already getting into their places. I find a quick seat and then their song starts! I barely had enough time to take 2 pictures and then realize I need the video camera going. So I catch the 2nd half of the song on video, which is good because Hubby arrives a few minutes after she's all done. She did a great job, she shook those bells and sang the words all with a smile. I was so proud of her, yet disappointed in myself. We almost missed it!

All the other parents looked so prepared, sitting in the assigned pews (that they'd come early to scout out the best seats). I felt like the disheveled mom who can't get it together.

Fortunately this is a just a preschool Christmas program, where most of the kids just stand up on the stage and look around while the music plays. Babies are fussing in the back of the church and no one really expects a broadway production. A won't even remember this day, much less will she remember that we almost didn't make it. But I got the pictures to prove it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Activities

Well, it's been a busy few days! Monday we went to see Christmas lights at a local hospital and pond and the kids had a blast. A was squealing with delight, running from one lighted decoration to the next and then back again. G just wanted to touch everything and he was falling down all over the place because the ground is so uneven there. It was a comedy of errors trying to get there though.
A got some special glasses that make Christmas lights turn into little snowmen when you look through them. I made the remark when she got them that it would be fun to take them with us when we saw the lights. Fast forward 2 weeks and we are half way through traffic on a busy shopping day headed towards the mall and the lights. It is then A asks for these glasses (I'd put millions of other things in the car-hats, mittens, jackets, baby food, snacks, extra sweaters, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, etc) and breaks down crying when she realizes I don't have them. No problem honey, I'll stop by your friend house right here and see if she has some we can borrow. Nope, none there. Okay, darling, how bout we call Daddy and see if he'll run home before he meets us here. Great thinking mom! Dad saves the day!

Well, Hubby got in a lot of traffic getting them but finally met us for dinner. As we were in the car on the way over to the pond Amelia asks for her glasses. Where did they go? We just had them 2 minutes ago! Turned the car around, back to the restaurant. Searched all over the car, near our table, and then we find them in the parking lot.

Okay, now we are over to the pond. We get the kids out, sweaters on, mittens on, hats on (oh, I didn't mention that earlier G peed out of his diaper and wet his pants, then later did a massive poop and it got on his shirt. I literally took him out of the restaurant in his diaper only.). A is getting out and says to Daddy, "I'm just going to leave my glasses in the car." WHAT?? Hubby says, "Oh no you aren't. You are taking these with you." What will we not do to make our children happy?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tim Tebow is my homeboy

Of course I mentioned I'm a big Gator fan already, but I'm also a big Tebow fan. It's hard to say if I would appreciate him if he played on another team....who am I kidding, I'd probably hate him, he's just that good!

I remember distinctly the first time I heard of him. One day in 2005, driving down Newberry Road I saw a big lighted sign on some business that proclaimed, "Welcome to Gainesville, Tim Tebow!" I came home asked Hubby, who the heck is Tim Tebow? He told me he was some recruit that just decided to come to Florida. I was like, is he really THAT good? Hubby said, yeah, he's supposed to be pretty good, but it's hard to tell before they get here if they'll pan out.

Like I read yesterday in an article, he has 'exceeded the ridiculous expectations Gator fans placed upon him.' He's an awesome quarterback with amazing stats and he's only a sophomore. I can't wait to watch him play the next 2 years!

At dinner the other night a friend looked behind me and said, "Oh, there's Tim Tebow!" My head whipped around so fast, and I thought, you've got to be kidding! I was so disappointed that she had actually meant, there he is on TV accepting an award. Doh!

My husband shares this appreciation for Tim, but I was still surprised about something he said to me. One morning I told him that Tim Tebow was in my dream the night before. He said, were you going to marry him or something? I said, 'no, I think I was trying to get his autograph.' He just said, 'oh, cause if you did dream you married him, I'd understand.' Whoa!

As much fun as it is watching him pass for touchdowns and run for first downs, my favorite thing is to see him interviewed. He's a real funny guy, down to earth, and seems like he'd be neat to have a barbecue with. The most striking thing about him, to me, is his humility. In this day of "I'm a *** Soldier!" comments or "I'm gonna win 4 Heismans" it's so refreshing to just hear him give accolades to his teammates, coaches, family, God. And the way he says them you know it's not fake. For a kid that young to have such a good perspective on things is amazing. He doesn't ever seem to get rattled by what other people say and has a 'benefit of the doubt' outlook towards other people. Even when other players are talking smack about him, he just writes it off as their way to get pumped up about a game. My favorite quote at the moment is what he said when reporters asked what another team's player said to him during a game (he was on the ground and Tim offered his hand to help him up off the field). Tim replied with a laugh, 'oh, just a bunch of stuff you wouldn't say around your mom.'

Humility is an attractive quality and is one of the main reasons that he has become this 'superhero.' I think he reminds us of Jesus. All those good things we love about Tebow are the things that Christ is and enables Tim to be also. When Jesus is reflected in someone else we can forget what the source of those things is and keep our focus on the person. I'm sure if Tim could be invisible like a superhero we'd see Jesus inside him. Tim is an outspoken Christian and gives glory to God through his actions and words. I am proud to have someone of his all around quality represent our school.

And if he doesn't win the Heisman tonight, I'm going to go bezerk.

UPDATE: Okay, he won! No need to go bezerk!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Number one fans

It's no secret what team we cheer for in this house. As I look around our home little reminders are everywhere. Whether it's the Gator stockings, Gator football ornament...ornaments, or our family portraits in guess what, Gator attire (trying to coordinate 4 outfits is a post for another day, but suffice it to say we the only thing we all had was something orange or blue with a Gator on it). As I consider the Gator blanket, place mats, coasters, wall hangings, and more that are hiding until January (they'll be out for the bowl game of course) I'd say we fall into the realm of fanatics.

Our children came home from the hospital in Gator gear and never lacked something spirited to wear on game days.


At 7 months old they both knew to shake their heads 'No!' when asked, 'do we like FSU?' Grant does the Gator Chomp (see link) and even tries to spell out the letters when we start the 'Gimmie a G' cheer. Amelia knows the words to our fight song (Hail to the Orange and Blue waving forever....) and tells people her favorite colors are orange and blue.

One day I asked Kevin, when people think of us or enter our home what do they think of? Do they think of us first as Gator fans or as Jesus fans? Jokingly, he asked if we should start wearing only Christian tee shirts and only put crosses up all over the house. But what I meant was, if we get so excited about our school and our teams, how can we also show that much excitement for the most important part of our lives. I don't think we 'worship' the Gators, but we sure do like them a lot.

I don't want to treat Jesus as a mascot, but I do want him to have prominence in my heart above all other things. We read the Bible stories to our kids and try to talk about God to them, so hopefully they'll grow up knowing who is most important.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've never been in the police force or the military but I imagine that having reinforcements is a wonderful and refreshing thing. That's why I love the sound of our garage door opening.

Make sense?

When I hear the garage door opening in the afternoon I have sometimes said, 'reinforcements!' Hubby arrives home from work and it's so nice to have another set of hands, legs, and a 2nd brain in charge of parenting. Not to mention a bit of a break after caring for the kids all day. On a really tough day I've been known to call for back up even before 5pm rolls around. I really don't know how single parents do it.

Today though the sound was the garage door closing as he headed out to an evening meeting. So now I'm blogging instead of putting the kids down for bed. They are enjoying the extra playtime and since I have to put them down one at a time it's an even longer process than when Hubby is here and we put them both down at the same time.

Well, I must investigate what my little girl has been doing for the last few minutes in the bathroom quietly by herself.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

True refreshment

Ahh, church. It's so nice to be there. I finally was able to attend our church's worship service today. It's been so long, too long. I've either had sick kids, sick self, nursery duty, or been out of town. For me worship is like a refreshing stream that washes over me. Is that just because my kids are being taken care of in another room? No, it's the refreshment that comes from being in a place that I love surrounded by so many people that are like family to me. It's a place that I get refreshed and renewed. Where I remember what my true desires are and who I really want to be.

Today's service was the monthly communion service and Pastor gave the communion message. I was teary eyed when he spoke about how excited they were about their 6 year old daughter 'joining the family' of Christ by asking Jesus into her heart this month. He also mentioned about how sometimes folks tell him they feel uncomfortable going to our church because everyone there is so perfect. He said that he responds by saying, "You must be new." I laughed because I know the truth about myself. I know that there are so many things that I screw up on. Just this week I yelled, more like screamed, at my daughter in anger as I was trying to discipline her for not acting out in her anger. I just get this feeling that someone could be watching the scene and say, "Okay, she's two years old....what's your excuse?"

I have so much to learn and going to church reminds me of that. Being reminded of your faults and sins can really get you depressed. But services, especially like the one today, surprisingly don't make me depressed. I can look around at all the other people there and know that they are just like me. We are all on the same level when it comes to God. We all screw up. I eat the bread and drink the wine (grape juice at our church) and remember that Jesus knows all my faults and he STILL died for me.

That is amazing and makes even my messy life beautiful.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No-Nap Day

Today was a “no-nap” day. This occurs every so often when I don’t get A down to nap before 2pm. Unfortunately, G followed the trend as well and I had both kids crying in their rooms at the same time. I don’t like “no-nap” days.

To save my sanity I had to go back on my threat to A. I told her that if she didn’t nap then Cousin  wouldn’t be able to come over. I thought she would understand this reasoning and settle down for a nap, but I heard her jumping on her bed 10 minutes later. When G started screaming I figured that one time of not following through wouldn’t fatally flaw my parenting. I also knew that my sister-in-law was having a no-nap day and we both needed each other.

So Cousin arrived and the kids all played together while Sisnlaw and I bemoaned the days without naps. I am fortunate to have pretty good sleepers. A only has these days once every 2 months or so while some kids her age don't even take naps anymore. I believe G is just in the process of dropping his second nap. I have nothing to complain about.

I should have known it was going to be a tough day when A screamed and cried when her beloved Daddy had to go to work. She said, “Daddy, I want you so badly!” and Hubby had to have the resolve of an Iron-man in order to not sit down to just one more tea party.

But what can I say? My cup overflows and I have too much to be thankful for to get down on one day.