Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mom Fail

This summer A was in the preschool class (2-4yrs old) for our church's VBS. During the night time program where the kids sing and do motions A just looked around and kept her fingers in her mouth during the two songs. She knew all the words and would sing them for us at night, but I guess she just got stage fright. My parents had even come into town to see her 'perform.'

From the time I heard her 2 year old preschool class would be singing "Jingle Bells" in the Christmas program at school I've been asking her if she would sing for us this time. She said she would and we practiced her song with her at home. She even showed me how she rings the bells how to do her one motion, sticking her arm up on "Hey!"

So Wednesday morning arrives and she's super excited. It's 9:15 and I've already gotten G dressed and I'm thinking I'm doing pretty good. I get A dressed and myself dressed and some how the time flies by and it's 9:40. The program starts at 10 and I'm supposed to have her there at 9:50 to get lined up. So we get everything in the car by 9:50 and I race to the school. How can I be late on this day!!!??? I am so frantic, we park hastily and it's just a little past 10, I'm praying that they'll start late. I run past the 4 year old class, the 3 year old class (while the teachers and helpers are telling the kids not to run) and rush her right up to the front of the church where the other 2 year olds are already getting into their places. I find a quick seat and then their song starts! I barely had enough time to take 2 pictures and then realize I need the video camera going. So I catch the 2nd half of the song on video, which is good because Hubby arrives a few minutes after she's all done. She did a great job, she shook those bells and sang the words all with a smile. I was so proud of her, yet disappointed in myself. We almost missed it!

All the other parents looked so prepared, sitting in the assigned pews (that they'd come early to scout out the best seats). I felt like the disheveled mom who can't get it together.

Fortunately this is a just a preschool Christmas program, where most of the kids just stand up on the stage and look around while the music plays. Babies are fussing in the back of the church and no one really expects a broadway production. A won't even remember this day, much less will she remember that we almost didn't make it. But I got the pictures to prove it.

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