Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Activities

Well, it's been a busy few days! Monday we went to see Christmas lights at a local hospital and pond and the kids had a blast. A was squealing with delight, running from one lighted decoration to the next and then back again. G just wanted to touch everything and he was falling down all over the place because the ground is so uneven there. It was a comedy of errors trying to get there though.
A got some special glasses that make Christmas lights turn into little snowmen when you look through them. I made the remark when she got them that it would be fun to take them with us when we saw the lights. Fast forward 2 weeks and we are half way through traffic on a busy shopping day headed towards the mall and the lights. It is then A asks for these glasses (I'd put millions of other things in the car-hats, mittens, jackets, baby food, snacks, extra sweaters, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, etc) and breaks down crying when she realizes I don't have them. No problem honey, I'll stop by your friend house right here and see if she has some we can borrow. Nope, none there. Okay, darling, how bout we call Daddy and see if he'll run home before he meets us here. Great thinking mom! Dad saves the day!

Well, Hubby got in a lot of traffic getting them but finally met us for dinner. As we were in the car on the way over to the pond Amelia asks for her glasses. Where did they go? We just had them 2 minutes ago! Turned the car around, back to the restaurant. Searched all over the car, near our table, and then we find them in the parking lot.

Okay, now we are over to the pond. We get the kids out, sweaters on, mittens on, hats on (oh, I didn't mention that earlier G peed out of his diaper and wet his pants, then later did a massive poop and it got on his shirt. I literally took him out of the restaurant in his diaper only.). A is getting out and says to Daddy, "I'm just going to leave my glasses in the car." WHAT?? Hubby says, "Oh no you aren't. You are taking these with you." What will we not do to make our children happy?

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