Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Number one fans

It's no secret what team we cheer for in this house. As I look around our home little reminders are everywhere. Whether it's the Gator stockings, Gator football ornament...ornaments, or our family portraits in guess what, Gator attire (trying to coordinate 4 outfits is a post for another day, but suffice it to say we the only thing we all had was something orange or blue with a Gator on it). As I consider the Gator blanket, place mats, coasters, wall hangings, and more that are hiding until January (they'll be out for the bowl game of course) I'd say we fall into the realm of fanatics.

Our children came home from the hospital in Gator gear and never lacked something spirited to wear on game days.


At 7 months old they both knew to shake their heads 'No!' when asked, 'do we like FSU?' Grant does the Gator Chomp (see link) and even tries to spell out the letters when we start the 'Gimmie a G' cheer. Amelia knows the words to our fight song (Hail to the Orange and Blue waving forever....) and tells people her favorite colors are orange and blue.

One day I asked Kevin, when people think of us or enter our home what do they think of? Do they think of us first as Gator fans or as Jesus fans? Jokingly, he asked if we should start wearing only Christian tee shirts and only put crosses up all over the house. But what I meant was, if we get so excited about our school and our teams, how can we also show that much excitement for the most important part of our lives. I don't think we 'worship' the Gators, but we sure do like them a lot.

I don't want to treat Jesus as a mascot, but I do want him to have prominence in my heart above all other things. We read the Bible stories to our kids and try to talk about God to them, so hopefully they'll grow up knowing who is most important.

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