Friday, December 7, 2007

Tim Tebow is my homeboy

Of course I mentioned I'm a big Gator fan already, but I'm also a big Tebow fan. It's hard to say if I would appreciate him if he played on another team....who am I kidding, I'd probably hate him, he's just that good!

I remember distinctly the first time I heard of him. One day in 2005, driving down Newberry Road I saw a big lighted sign on some business that proclaimed, "Welcome to Gainesville, Tim Tebow!" I came home asked Hubby, who the heck is Tim Tebow? He told me he was some recruit that just decided to come to Florida. I was like, is he really THAT good? Hubby said, yeah, he's supposed to be pretty good, but it's hard to tell before they get here if they'll pan out.

Like I read yesterday in an article, he has 'exceeded the ridiculous expectations Gator fans placed upon him.' He's an awesome quarterback with amazing stats and he's only a sophomore. I can't wait to watch him play the next 2 years!

At dinner the other night a friend looked behind me and said, "Oh, there's Tim Tebow!" My head whipped around so fast, and I thought, you've got to be kidding! I was so disappointed that she had actually meant, there he is on TV accepting an award. Doh!

My husband shares this appreciation for Tim, but I was still surprised about something he said to me. One morning I told him that Tim Tebow was in my dream the night before. He said, were you going to marry him or something? I said, 'no, I think I was trying to get his autograph.' He just said, 'oh, cause if you did dream you married him, I'd understand.' Whoa!

As much fun as it is watching him pass for touchdowns and run for first downs, my favorite thing is to see him interviewed. He's a real funny guy, down to earth, and seems like he'd be neat to have a barbecue with. The most striking thing about him, to me, is his humility. In this day of "I'm a *** Soldier!" comments or "I'm gonna win 4 Heismans" it's so refreshing to just hear him give accolades to his teammates, coaches, family, God. And the way he says them you know it's not fake. For a kid that young to have such a good perspective on things is amazing. He doesn't ever seem to get rattled by what other people say and has a 'benefit of the doubt' outlook towards other people. Even when other players are talking smack about him, he just writes it off as their way to get pumped up about a game. My favorite quote at the moment is what he said when reporters asked what another team's player said to him during a game (he was on the ground and Tim offered his hand to help him up off the field). Tim replied with a laugh, 'oh, just a bunch of stuff you wouldn't say around your mom.'

Humility is an attractive quality and is one of the main reasons that he has become this 'superhero.' I think he reminds us of Jesus. All those good things we love about Tebow are the things that Christ is and enables Tim to be also. When Jesus is reflected in someone else we can forget what the source of those things is and keep our focus on the person. I'm sure if Tim could be invisible like a superhero we'd see Jesus inside him. Tim is an outspoken Christian and gives glory to God through his actions and words. I am proud to have someone of his all around quality represent our school.

And if he doesn't win the Heisman tonight, I'm going to go bezerk.

UPDATE: Okay, he won! No need to go bezerk!

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