Sunday, January 27, 2008

Against my better judgement

Baby wipes, rubbing alcohol, hand soap, dish soap, magic eraser. Nothing is working.

Today I went to help set up the room for our meeting MOPS tomorrow. I brought the kids along like usual and they ran around the room looking for something fun to do. A saw the dry erase board and went straight to work. I remembered the last time we were setting up for MOPS and she was wearing an old shirt and got dry erase marker on it and nothing got it out. Not even bleach. The shirt she is wearing is a really cute one that she'd probably be able to wear again next winter. So I tell her I don't want her to play with the markers and she puts up a fuss so I tell her to just be careful and not to get it on her shirt. Not 1 minute later she says, "Uh oh, mommy I got a little bit on my shirt, but it's okay." I go over and no, it's not just a little bit and no it's not okay.

The day continued to worsen as I decided to try and pick up some groceries at Publix. Again, what was I thinking? Five pm on a Sunday afternoon with both kids? I entered the store mumbling, 'this is a mistake, this is a mistake.' Of course they didn't have any 'race-car' carts today. Then A saw a lady coming out of the store with one. I knew that shopping would really be a nightmare without one of those carts to strap both of them in. So I felt like a cart-stalker as I followed this woman and her child (who was like 6 or 7 years old-really, lady, do you have to take up a cart for your ONE well behaved elementary schooler to get just 3 plastic bags of groceries while there are people struggling with 2 kids under age 4????!!!).

So now I've got my SUV of a cart and I'm going through the aisles and the kids are acting average for a shopping trip. But there are so many people and carts there and I'm trying to squeeze through and I accidentally bump into a lady's leg with my cart. I apologize profusely and unfortunately she's not one of those people to just say, 'oh it's okay, I'll be fine.' She rubs her leg and shows it to me and says it's starting to bruise. I just breathe and say sorry many more times and go about my shopping.

As the kids were eating dinner I was scrubbing the shirt and Amelia said, "Mommy, it's okay, you don't have to be sad. Everything is fine." And I said, "No A, there is a big stain on your shirt and it's not coming out and Mommy is not happy about it." I must be telling the same thing to her when she is upset about something. Maybe it works for her, but it sure wasn't working on me. So I scrubbed that shirt for a hour using every cleaning product I have that other people have had success with. No luck for me, some of it came out of her pants, but the big mark on her shirt has little to no hope. I just want to throw it out so I can forget all about it.

Why is it that this shirt makes me so mad?

Because it could have all been avoided had I just gone with my better judgement. How many times do I need to learn from experience to get it into my head? It's not A's fault, I'm not mad at her. She's only 3 and I can't expect her to be careful like that. I was too busy to go over and take the markers away from her. The shirt reminds me that I don't always make the best choices, that's not fun to think about.

After getting the kids down on my own I cleaned up, ate dinner and then sat down and enjoyed watching Mansfield Park on PBS. They are doing a special series on Jane Austen and are showing her novels that have been adapted into movies. One line in the movie resonated with me tonight:

"We all have our best guides within us, if only we would listen."— Fanny Price in Mansfield Park

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Charming Children

Hubby just came to me and said, "I think I realize why the toilet hasn't been flushing right today." And showed me a wrist weight that he'd pulled from it. G must have dropped it in there today. We usually keep both bathroom doors closed because of his curiosity for water, but sometimes he finds his way in there when we are not looking.

In other news tonight, A came out of her bedroom to let me know her thumb hurt and it was because she stuck it in the night light. I looked into her room and there was no light on so I knew this meant she had unscrewed the light bulb, stuck her thumb in and must have gotten a little shock. I gave her my most worried face and that scared her and got her all upset. Which I don't mind, because I want her to be upset and scared of outlets at this age. She just hasn't listened to me with all the times I've warned her and given stern lectures about not playing with the outlets. She just seems to learn better from experience, unfortunately. I pray this will change with age and she'll learn from our words too.

On a side note, she said something quite funny today, at least to us.

Hubby: (reading a book) That little girl is up in space touching a satelite.
A: Is it sad....the sad-alite?

Just another day in our life with preschoolers!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kids in January

I'm starting to see some of the benefits of having two kids. They are starting to play together and not need my constant entertainment. At first having two was just twice the work. Two times as many meals, diapers, bags to carry, outfits to put on, etc. But now, G is a little older and he really enjoys A's company and she enjoys his. They really like being together. One of my constant prayers is that they will grow up to be good friends.

They love to play 'chase' and 'jump in the crib.' One day while I was doing some cleaning in the house I came back to Grant's room to find them both reading. A wanted him to sit with so she could read to him, so I plopped him up on the chair. This picture is just too sweet to me. G loves to copy what Amelia does (attempts her noises) and A loves to do what ever G is doing. She likes wearing matching pjs (from Christmas) and if he is eating something she wants to eat it too. They both have little stuffed animals, A has 'meow meow' and G has 'ruff ruff.' When she saw that he had ruff ruff, she had to go get her meow meow so they could play together.