Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Charming Children

Hubby just came to me and said, "I think I realize why the toilet hasn't been flushing right today." And showed me a wrist weight that he'd pulled from it. G must have dropped it in there today. We usually keep both bathroom doors closed because of his curiosity for water, but sometimes he finds his way in there when we are not looking.

In other news tonight, A came out of her bedroom to let me know her thumb hurt and it was because she stuck it in the night light. I looked into her room and there was no light on so I knew this meant she had unscrewed the light bulb, stuck her thumb in and must have gotten a little shock. I gave her my most worried face and that scared her and got her all upset. Which I don't mind, because I want her to be upset and scared of outlets at this age. She just hasn't listened to me with all the times I've warned her and given stern lectures about not playing with the outlets. She just seems to learn better from experience, unfortunately. I pray this will change with age and she'll learn from our words too.

On a side note, she said something quite funny today, at least to us.

Hubby: (reading a book) That little girl is up in space touching a satelite.
A: Is it sad....the sad-alite?

Just another day in our life with preschoolers!

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