Monday, January 21, 2008

Kids in January

I'm starting to see some of the benefits of having two kids. They are starting to play together and not need my constant entertainment. At first having two was just twice the work. Two times as many meals, diapers, bags to carry, outfits to put on, etc. But now, G is a little older and he really enjoys A's company and she enjoys his. They really like being together. One of my constant prayers is that they will grow up to be good friends.

They love to play 'chase' and 'jump in the crib.' One day while I was doing some cleaning in the house I came back to Grant's room to find them both reading. A wanted him to sit with so she could read to him, so I plopped him up on the chair. This picture is just too sweet to me. G loves to copy what Amelia does (attempts her noises) and A loves to do what ever G is doing. She likes wearing matching pjs (from Christmas) and if he is eating something she wants to eat it too. They both have little stuffed animals, A has 'meow meow' and G has 'ruff ruff.' When she saw that he had ruff ruff, she had to go get her meow meow so they could play together.

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