Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Amelia Bedelia

Okay, so at A's age everything is taken literally and nothing is forgotten about. If we mention something in passing she'll mention it weeks later. We laugh because we'll use an idiom and she'll take it literally and it reminds us that she is still learning the English language. She laughs when Hubby reads her Amelia Bedelia books. I loved those books as a child and I personally have a very literal sense of humor. I constantly bother Hubby when he asks what is for dinner and I reply, 'food.'

So the other day Hubby was playing with G in the other room. He running around, throwing G up in the air, wrestling, or some other aerobic activity. He must have gotten tired and said, 'oh, man, I'm getting old.' A and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready. A moment later she looked at me with a straight face and said:

'Daddy is going to die.'

My eyebrows went up past my forehead and I was wondering if I was in one of those horror movies where the children can see people and hear stuff (those creep me out worse than any of them cause kids are always talking about imaginary things and you just wonder sometimes...). I collected myself and said, 'what do you mean, honey?' She just kept playing and said, like Poppa's Poppa (my grandfather who passed away last month). I remembered the conversation with her when she asked 'why' about his death and we told her it was because he was very old. So of course when she heard that her dad was old, she figured he was going to die too. I told her that Daddy wasn't near as old as my Poppa. Fortunately she doesn't seem to grasp what death is at this point, as it didn't seem to worry her that she thought Daddy would die and we went on to play with her toys.

On a really funny note: The other night I heard Hubby talking with A in her room while getting her ready for bed. I heard her excitedly telling him: "Daddy, I want to wear the Dora pull ups and find the blue Hershey Kiss!" He came and asked me if I knew what she was talking about and I had no idea. Often she will tell us about something in one of her videos or something at school and so we usually consult each other if we don't know what she's talking about. I had no clue what she meant and he went back to her room and then I heard him laughing. He brought out the package of training panties and showed me what she meant. Check out the bottom left corner next to Dora jumping for the 'blue Hershey Kiss.'

She was quite disappointed when we explained there was no chocolate in each pair of pull ups, and the Hershey Kiss was a just a little blue drop of water to show that the pull ups could hold liquid.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Buon Giorno Princepessa

I'm on a 'movie break' right now. I don't know why I even bother going to movies in the theater anymore. Watching a movie at home on DVD has so many advantages. During movie breaks I can get up, use the bathroom, have a snack, even blog. And parents will testify it's just not worth the cost. $20 bucks for tickets and $30 for babysitting? There just aren't a lot of movies I'd be willing to spend $50 to see. Plus, at home you have the advantages of being able to rewind the movie or pause it if you weren't sure what was going on or what was said. Hubby and I prefer now to watch all our DVDs with the subtitles on. Soooo much easier and not that distracting. I guess it started because our kids are sleeping and we can't turn the volume up too loud. Am I getting old or did people start talking faster in movies? Is that so they can fit more in? Movie break over, gotta go.

Back to the blog. Some movies, like the one I just watched, are just worth a few laughs for diversion and entertainment's sake and then they are done. Some movies stay with you for a long time. The best movie I've ever seen had subtitles too, even in the theater. That was because it was in Italian. La Vita e Bella. In English: Life is Beautiful.

I saw this movie in the theater in 1999 with my best friend. She had seen it and loved it, but I was a little skeptical about seeing a movie in a different language. Once I got used to reading and watching, it wasn't difficult at all. This movie touched me so much that I wept at the end, full of joy and sadness. Really, I full on wept. I don't cry all that often (maybe more now that I'm a mom) but this is the only movie that has brought me to such a conclusion. The romance in the story drew me into the characters lives, and then the struggles they experience are the meat of the plot. I don't want to say too much and give away what happens, but the story is one of true love. An 'agape' love.

Happily ever after, but then what? What romantic movie doesn't end with the couple kissing at the end, or having a wedding? Do you ever wonder, 'what happens after that?' For Life is Beautiful the wedding is in the middle and then you get to see the rest of the story.

I loved this movie and talked about it so much that my enthusiasm wore off and I got together a group of people to drive 75 miles one evening see it. Hubby was one of those people who came along and it became something we both loved. I also introduced him to Rita's Italian Ices that night, but that's a story for another post perhaps.

Hubby and I even painted this saying on the 34th street wall a few months later.

This movie stayed with us for 2 years and we chose the theme from this movie to be the first dance at our wedding, that is why it's on my Life Soundtrack. Life is beautiful has become almost a life motto for me. Oh yeah, and my blog title too! It reminds me of my favorite verse, John 10:10; "I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly." It's hard to believe sometimes that God wants us to have abundant life. Not a shallow life, but one full of love and joy, but enough of disappointment and troubles to make us long for the life to come.

So here it is, another song for my soundtrack. Let me know if you love this movie too or if I've inspired you to rent it. You seriously won't be sorry for taking the 116 minutes to watch it. It won like 3 Oscars (so the snooty people in Hollywood liked it too, surprise! Probably cause it was a foreign film....).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Quote

A definitely has her daddy all wrapped up around her finger. Hubby was carrying G back to the car the other day and A was walking beside them. I was behind them with all the gear and overheard this:

A: Daddy, can you carry me too, please?
K: Not right now honey, I'm carrying G right now and I can't carry you both.
A: (pleadingly) But you're a big strong Daddy.
K: (laughing) Okay honey (leaning down to pick her up too)

Definitely a Daddy's little girl! Now if there is something I want Hubby to do I try and use that line to see if it will work ;o)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indiana Jones-Main Theme

We just got back from a wedding at our church today. Hubby was the officiant for the ceremony, his first one! He did a great job and I must say he looked quite handsome. I wish I'd brought my camera, how could I? What excuse do I often have to get a picture when we are both all dressed up? Maybe I'll get some from someone else.

Being at this wedding today reminded me of another song on my life soundtrack.

We will be married 7 years this May. We had our wedding reception at an old hotel in town. I had been to a small classical concert with a friend once and had wanted to have my wedding there ever since. The courtyard was the main reception room and was just beautiful. It was rectangular in shape, open on the first floor, and the second floor had a balcony around the entire room.

This is a view from the balcony

This was the song played when we walked into our wedding reception. We lined up behind all the bridesmaids and groomsmen as they were introduced and then our MC said, 'and now, let me introduce the new Mr. and Mrs." Then the music surged, we entered the room and everyone gave us a standing ovation.

On our wedding day, sunshine filled the reception hall from the room sized skylight above. We could see our friends and family all around cheering for us. I remember seeing people leaning over the balcony and feeling surrounded by love and people who were happy for us.

I don't know if I had ever been so happy in my life. A smile wouldn't suffice, I couldn't hold it in and I started laughing because I was so happy.

I think that sometimes God gives us 'snippits of Joy' to give us a taste of heaven. I don't think we could handle it all at once in our finite state. When I read in the Bible about Christ being the bridegroom who goes to prepare a place for us, and the wedding feast there will be in heaven on the day of redemption, I think about this moment in my life. What joy it was to have friends and family cheering for us, such a pure and lovely moment. This song just takes me back to that blissful day.