Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Amelia Bedelia

Okay, so at A's age everything is taken literally and nothing is forgotten about. If we mention something in passing she'll mention it weeks later. We laugh because we'll use an idiom and she'll take it literally and it reminds us that she is still learning the English language. She laughs when Hubby reads her Amelia Bedelia books. I loved those books as a child and I personally have a very literal sense of humor. I constantly bother Hubby when he asks what is for dinner and I reply, 'food.'

So the other day Hubby was playing with G in the other room. He running around, throwing G up in the air, wrestling, or some other aerobic activity. He must have gotten tired and said, 'oh, man, I'm getting old.' A and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready. A moment later she looked at me with a straight face and said:

'Daddy is going to die.'

My eyebrows went up past my forehead and I was wondering if I was in one of those horror movies where the children can see people and hear stuff (those creep me out worse than any of them cause kids are always talking about imaginary things and you just wonder sometimes...). I collected myself and said, 'what do you mean, honey?' She just kept playing and said, like Poppa's Poppa (my grandfather who passed away last month). I remembered the conversation with her when she asked 'why' about his death and we told her it was because he was very old. So of course when she heard that her dad was old, she figured he was going to die too. I told her that Daddy wasn't near as old as my Poppa. Fortunately she doesn't seem to grasp what death is at this point, as it didn't seem to worry her that she thought Daddy would die and we went on to play with her toys.

On a really funny note: The other night I heard Hubby talking with A in her room while getting her ready for bed. I heard her excitedly telling him: "Daddy, I want to wear the Dora pull ups and find the blue Hershey Kiss!" He came and asked me if I knew what she was talking about and I had no idea. Often she will tell us about something in one of her videos or something at school and so we usually consult each other if we don't know what she's talking about. I had no clue what she meant and he went back to her room and then I heard him laughing. He brought out the package of training panties and showed me what she meant. Check out the bottom left corner next to Dora jumping for the 'blue Hershey Kiss.'

She was quite disappointed when we explained there was no chocolate in each pair of pull ups, and the Hershey Kiss was a just a little blue drop of water to show that the pull ups could hold liquid.

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