Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indiana Jones-Main Theme

We just got back from a wedding at our church today. Hubby was the officiant for the ceremony, his first one! He did a great job and I must say he looked quite handsome. I wish I'd brought my camera, how could I? What excuse do I often have to get a picture when we are both all dressed up? Maybe I'll get some from someone else.

Being at this wedding today reminded me of another song on my life soundtrack.

We will be married 7 years this May. We had our wedding reception at an old hotel in town. I had been to a small classical concert with a friend once and had wanted to have my wedding there ever since. The courtyard was the main reception room and was just beautiful. It was rectangular in shape, open on the first floor, and the second floor had a balcony around the entire room.

This is a view from the balcony

This was the song played when we walked into our wedding reception. We lined up behind all the bridesmaids and groomsmen as they were introduced and then our MC said, 'and now, let me introduce the new Mr. and Mrs." Then the music surged, we entered the room and everyone gave us a standing ovation.

On our wedding day, sunshine filled the reception hall from the room sized skylight above. We could see our friends and family all around cheering for us. I remember seeing people leaning over the balcony and feeling surrounded by love and people who were happy for us.

I don't know if I had ever been so happy in my life. A smile wouldn't suffice, I couldn't hold it in and I started laughing because I was so happy.

I think that sometimes God gives us 'snippits of Joy' to give us a taste of heaven. I don't think we could handle it all at once in our finite state. When I read in the Bible about Christ being the bridegroom who goes to prepare a place for us, and the wedding feast there will be in heaven on the day of redemption, I think about this moment in my life. What joy it was to have friends and family cheering for us, such a pure and lovely moment. This song just takes me back to that blissful day.

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Kristen Triplett said...

We had the Indiana Jones theme play when we entered our wedding reception too! That has been the ringtone on my cell phone for when Brian calls practically since we started dating. We miss you guys and all of Gainesville!