Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Some quick thoughts from A:

A: Mommy, look at these things on my pajama pants
-Shows me the little tightened cuffs on the bottom of her pants
A: These are turtle bottoms
L: They are what?
L: Oh, like turtle necks, but on the bottom of your pants...

A: Mommy, my nightgown isn't a nightgown now.
L: It's not? What is it then?
A: It's a DAYgown now because it's daytime.

A: Mommy, we should say the prayer after we eat, not before we eat
L: Why honey?
A: Because it says 'by his hands we all are FED'
L: (pause, thinking) Oh, past-tense

So as not to leave my youngest out, when he spills something or does something he knows we won't like he says "ohw G" just like we do when we are bummed we have to clean up milk off the floor or whatever. They are picking up every little thing I swear!

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