Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peanut Butterfly

Well, that's what G called it, 'Peanut Butterfly', in a voice that was saying "more more more please!"

We had some friends over this morning for a playdate and they all wanted a snack. So I whipped out the animal crackers because I wanted some snack too. I made some trail mix and stuck a few animal crackers in everyone's bowl and then proceeded to dip my own animal crackers in the peanut butter jar so my stomach would stop growling. G came over and wanted another cracker so I gave him some with the PB on it and he LOVED it, licked it all off and offered up the same cracker to be dipped in the delicious goodness once again. Of course I made him get a new cracker, but then A wanted some and she got a big spoonful and then G wanted a spoon of it too. Then they were both back for spoon refills (not directly out of the jar mind you).

So we said goodbye to our friends and I walked them out to the car while G stayed inside in his highchair finishing up his trail mix. When we came back in he was a little fussy and soon enough I realized his face was a little red and what do you know, he's got hives all under his eye and some on his face. So I called the dr's office and had the nurse call me back. Obviously I checked him out and wiped him all off to make sure that it was off of him and he seemed fine other than he was a little fussy because his ear and eye were itchy. The nurse/PA/whoever called back about 15 minutes later (about 30 minutes after pb eating) and by that time the hives were subsiding. She advised some Benadryl and asked some other questions about his breathing (normal), family history (none, Hubby has some allergies, not peanut), and those kinds of things and told me about when I should give him more Benadryl and when to call 911.

So about 15 minutes later Dr. calls us and by this time the Benadryl has made him hyperactive and I'm trying to get them in bed. We discuss what happened (and by the way, I'm feeling quite foolish because I've always known not to introduce peanuts until age 2....or is it 3? and I don't want to sound like an irresponsible mom on the phone to the dr.) and she says she thinks from this it's obvious he does have a peanut allergy and all that goes along with it:
-No Peanut butter or peanut products for Grant (like M&Ms, we have to read labels now?)
-Emergency Epi Pen is prescribed to our pharmacy and needs to be with us at all times (oh and we talk about how not to leave it in the car, how it's to be used on the way to the ER, not just as a remedy, how long the effectiveness is, etc)
-We need to just get all the peanut butter out of the house
-That it's probably not something he'll outgrow
-How you can't tell what type of reaction a child will have based on how they reacted another time

So now I'm introduced to the world of peanut allergies. Old CSI shows are coming to mind as are visions of anaphylaptic shock and sticking my son in the leg with a needle and then rushing to the ER. After researching it on the internet, I don't believe the laminated signs that you can purchase for your school classroom proclaiming, "Peanut Free Area: It's COOL to be Peanut Free!"

He loved it! Peanut Butterfly! What a shame to not be able to feed your child the deliciousness that is Peanut butter? Plus we have literally 6 jars on the shelf in our pantry.

Now, I may be in denial, or I may be an intuitive mom. I guess time will tell. But I think it's a phase. He ingested quite a bit of PB for his size and all he got were a few itchy spots on his face that cleared up within an hour? Certainly not ER worthy. I do think it is something he'll outgrow, just like both the kids had allergic reactions to yogurt and now both tolerate it fine. I did read a few studies online about how kids outgrew this allergy, especially ones with a low peanut IgE levels. Obviously I won't be feeding him anymore peanut butter for a few years, but I certainly am not going to stop your child from eating a PB sandwich in the same room as mine.

So now I don't know really where to go from here, but hopefully the poor little guy won't remember too much about how wonderful it tasted.

UPDATE: At 5 years old we had him bloodtested and no peanut allergies. Now he enjoys all things peanut but doesn't call it Peanut Butterfly anymore.

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