Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Something for me

In addition to music I love to dance. I guess they go hand in hand really, I can't listen to a good beat without bobbing my head and if I'm at home in my kitchen along I'll really start jamming. I took dance for a few years in elementary school and then from 8th-12th grade. Mostly jazz and acrobatics, but a little bit of tap (not my favorite). I wasn't a ballerina, I enjoy jazz and hip hop dance the most.

So now I'm doing something for me! It's been 10 years since I took dance. Not counting the Jazz Dance class I took the last semester of college. So I've been taking a Jazz dance class at the studio near my house through the community education classes.

Ahh, I'm enjoying it so much. It feels so good to be on a big floor with a mirror, instead of my kitchen floor bumping into the fridge. I don't have to use my hallway to practice leaps. I'm so out of dance-shape though it's pitiful. I remember all these things I used to be able to do and yet I'm loosing my balance and sadly not as flexible as I once was. I was sore from Wednesday-Saturday after my last class because I was pushing myself to do splits. I just have to laugh at myself, me with two kiddos and I want to be twirling away on the dance floor. Though I'm not the oldest person in the class by far. Tonight one of the older ladies (mid 50's?) said I was 'feisty' because I was dancing around in between going across the floor. I laughed and thought I don't think I've ever been called 'feisty' before.

This is my thing for me. It's not work, it's not wife, it's not mommy, it's not anything but me. Tonight was the 4th of 6 classes, so it will be done soon. I want to sign up for another class in the fall (by then I hope I'd be ready for a more advanced class) but that's really a whole school year commitment to once a week, so I'll have to play that by ear. Oh my gosh, and a recital? Whoa. I don't know if I want to go there! My recital days may be over.

I told my mom about the class and she asked if A was taking dance too. I was dancing around in the kitchen the other day and A and G were watching and smiling at me. I asked her, "Honey, do you want to take a dance class like Mommy?" She flat out said, "No." Hopefully one day I can pass on my love of dance, but following directions isn't really her style at the moment.

I guess my parents would say that reminds them of me at that age. My first dance recital I got out there, started the dance, then realized some other people weren't standing on the right tape marks so I went over and moved them where they should be (in the middle of the dance!) and then finally joined back in at the end. I guess somewhere along the way I found my love of dance and movement.


Ctina said...

I just realized that you have a blog! Me too! Cool!

Well, I have been going to a weekly "Hip Hop class" with some friends. A friend of a friend is teaching us and its pretty fun so far! We've learned routines to "Feedback" by Janet and "Fergalicious" by Fergie! Fun stuff!!

The Wagners said...

Ooooh, that sounds like so much fun. I took some dance classes years ago at Pofals here in G'ville. They were adult classes but lots of the younger kids took them and it was so much fun to see the young girls in the front row doing things I used to be able to do!

I'm right there with you on the dance thing girl. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dance and even think in my head that I'm a awesome hip hop dancer (and then I actually try and my husbands just laughs).

Are you watching "So You Think You Can Dance?"