Friday, July 11, 2008

Zula Patrol

A was talking to Grandma the other night and thanked her for the die cuts that she sent for her to make crafts with. Then she went on to tell her about the new place mat that she got at Walmart and how it has planets and the solar system on it, like Zula Patrol.

Zula patrol is a kids PBS show that is about little aliens who travel the galaxy on missions that help teach kids about space and science. She went a few weeks ago to a special showing of one of the episodes at the planetarium. She loved it and Hubby found this video online that both kids now love to watch and sing along to.

Well, the song is cute and all, but when you are folding laundry or doing dishes and find yourself humming it, it can be a bit annoying. It is very easy to get stuck in your head and not be able to get it out. I've made a little policy with Hubby that he can show it to the kids while I'm in the shower or in the other room, to minimize my hearing it.

So as A is talking to Grandma she states the following:

"We always watch Zula Patrol on the internet. We watch the theme song and another video. Mommy definitely does not like the theme song."

Hubby and I bust out laughing at this truth displayed in such an adamant voice on her part. But for her credit she did go on to explain what she meant.

"She doesn't like it because it gets stuck in her head, but she does like it because we like it."

Nice save honey, nice save.

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