Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chatty G

G really is talking a lot more. Sometimes I'll hear one of them talking in the other room and I can't tell who is talking because G is starting to use full sentences. The other day he said:

"Oh, dang it, I got milk on my face."

"White-ning MaCeen ooh stuk a mud? (Lightning McQueen, are you stuck in the mud?)

(As I'm trying to dress him) "No, mommy I don't wike dat shirt."

"Mommy, pursey is sweeping ova dere" (Percy the train was laying on his side)

Oh, and when I asked him I he wanted me to cut his hair he said, "No mommy". Hehehe.

UPDATE: So yesterday the kids were going through the pantry and I've got 3 cans of Miller Lite on the shelf to use for when I make my Beer Bread. G picked one of them up, pretended to drink one and then looked at me and said, "Daddy's Juwice Mommy!"

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