Sunday, September 28, 2008

Culinary schools want ME?

Have you guys gotten the spam message with the title "Culinary schools want YOU!"? I just have to laugh at that because there is no way they want to take me in. My friend pointed out that the culinary schools may want me, but not the restaurants. But I think that neither should want me, I'm a hopeless case.

It's not that I can't cook, I just don't really like doing it. I never had to cook anything growing up and in college I lived off of Hamburger helper and Pasta Roni. Then I moved in with my friend who had taken a vow of freshacy, not using any packaged foods. Living with her really helped me learn to cook, but I can't say that I inherited her love for cooking. When asked what her favorite meal to cook she replied with something like, "If I can cook without the kids underfoot, something with lots of ingredients that is complicated." My reply to the same question was, "Leftovers."

I can mess up meals in lots of different ways. Case in point. Last night I used the last of the white rice and put in some whole wheat rice along with it. But I cooked them both together for the white rice instructions. Of course I didn't realize until after it was cooked and I was eating crunchy rice that the wheat rice needed more water and to cook twice as long.

Wow, and the Lasagna that I made for some friends (and as a new mom meal after their baby was born). I usually use the oven ready noodles but decided to use regular noodles without boiling them, I'd heard you just have to add more water and cook them longer. Hmm, this sounds familiar. Well, I guess I didn't do enough of either cause when I tried to cut a piece for our guests it just didn't feel quite right. We had to wait on our lasagna for another 45 minutes to cook, while poor friend and family had to scrape the sauce off the crunchy noodles in order for it to be edible.

So most of the time I rely on two or three meals per week to cook and then do leftovers the next day. But sometimes if I'm short on time or if Hubby isn't eating at home that night I'll have a TV dinner. Who can mess that up? Apparently me.

Tonight I was cooking a Healthy Choice dinner for Hubby. I don't like to cook on Sundays, if there are no leftovers I find something easy and don't feel guilty because it's my Sabbath. So I put his in the microwave, sat down to eat mine and check some email. I was thinking, hmm, I'm already done eating mine and his hasn't finished cooking. I thought, I bet when I look up at the clock it's going to say 0:03 or something like that. Well I looked up and it said 43:08! Yikes!

I must have put it on for 60 minutes instead of 6 minutes! He said it wasn't bad, but the dessert wasn't worth trying. I've got to start doing meal planning again so I don't get into this. I don't think about cooking dinner until I'm hungry. It's so hard for me to think ahead.

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Our Family said...

Hey Lark,
I love following your blog! I find that if I plan my meals by making a menu for the week (and that I have all the items of course), then I have spare time to focus on other things. Also try and make things simple. Sometimes those are the most delicious!