Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Every Season - Nichole Nordeman

Two weeks ago at church we had the new director of Women's Resource and Medical Clinic come and share about the ministry there and how our church could partner with them in saving lives. I volunteered there while I was in college for a few years and really saw the fruit that the Lord was bringing through the work done there. Women come in for a free pregnancy test and counselors are privileged to talk with them, answer questions and be with them in a time of uncertainty. Many clients are so willing to open up and talk about spiritual things. I loved volunteering there because each time I felt the Lord using me to impact others lives. To know that a child's life was saved because I was there to talk with a woman in her time of need is so precious to me.

That's why when the director was speaking at church I felt such a tug to volunteer there again. But in this season of my life I have other priorities and other ministry opportunities. I can't take 4 hours out of my day to go and work somewhere when I have two kids who need me. This season of my life is "mother of preschoolers."

Fortunately, a wave of calm and peace came over me as I realized that when I was in the 'college' season of my life I did volunteer and I used that time well. And perhaps when I'm in "mother of elementary schoolers" season I'll be able to volunteer there again.

It just made me think that with each season things change and what we are able to do changes with it. How we use our time, what we can afford, who we are friends with, where we get involved in ministry to others; all these things change with different seasons. There are some constants in the midst of seasonal change, but our lives look quite different from season to season.

I want to make the most of this season, so that when I look back on it I can be proud of the choices that I made. Right now is probably the only time I can really be involved in MOPS, so that is where I spend much of my ministry energy. Before kids I was able to help Hubby with the youth group. I'm not able to do as much now, but one thing I try to do is be available to mentor some of the college girls who'd like to just go out for coffee and chat. And I try to do what I can to free up Hubby's time so that he can do what he needs to do for his job.

It's hard because sometimes I think this season is never going to end. Sometimes I feel summer will never end. Then you get that little cold weather and it just feels so delicious. But then there are things you'll miss, like going out in the pool, the vacation time, the hours spent indoors because it's too hot...no wait, I don't miss that.

But each season does end, eventually. Some may last longer than others but we need to remember the good things about each season and try not to wish it away. The song below is one of my favorites and reminds me that God is with us in all of our seasons.

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven"
-Ecclesiastes 3:1


Milla said...

I love this Nicole Nordeman song (she's one of my favorites...). And, I love your thoughts on our life seasons. I have often wanted to do things that seemed right, but it was just the wrong time. So true!

waldenhouse said...

That verse from Ecclesiates has been on my mind a lot lately. Nice post.