Thursday, September 4, 2008

A man of many talents

Right now Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen are chatting with A and G. They are telling them all about the surprise birthday party they are throwing for Flo. Oh, now Doc Hudson is in on the party, and Mia and Tia are coming too. Oh, and Luigi and Ramone. It's amazing that all of them can fit in the bathroom as the kids take their bath. It only makes sense when you realize they are all being voiced by my husband.

He truly is a man of many talents. He can impersonate all their favorite characters like VeggieTales (excepting Junior and Laura), the Cars crew, Sesame Street, and Tigger. Then he makes up voices for toys that don't have specific voices like Meow-Meow, Papa Bear, Big Duck, and on and on. They love to have characters from books and coloring books talk back to them. One of A's favorites from an old coloring book is Surfer Dude with his SoCal voice. Then there's Widow the spider and Coral the snake (with a lisp) from the Poison Patrol gang (gotta love that safety propaganda). I don't know how he can come up with so many different voices but it's like having Robin Williams around the house and the kids just soak it up, asking him to make pretty much everything talk to them. It's not like things have to have a mouth for them to talk either, our Heinz bottle comes alive with a dull whiny voice and Mustard tells him to go back to the fridge to the delight of the kids. I think that Hubby created the voice of 'Grins and Giggles' (a high pitched demented clown) just to annoy me one day but unfortunately it stuck. Even though we've long used up that bottle of baby wash, Grins and Giggles still attends all their baths.

Perhaps it started when A was very little. We had a little fingertip toothbrush that looked like a little puppet. After a while she decided she didn't like getting her teeth brushed and so Bristles from Brussels was born. Bristles takes the red-eye from Europe every night just to brush their teeth and chats about what they had to eat that day. He speaks English, but with a Dutch accent of course.

G is always saying, "Hey Purcey, gess what?" or "Hey Ketchewp, gess what?" or Hey Whoever in order to get Hubby to say "What" in the appropriate voice. So the other day at church A learned about some Old Testament story involving leprosy and brought home a picture of a man with dried corn glued to the body (ewww...). She was telling us the story and G says, "Hey, Weprosy, gess what?" Sorry, buddy. We aren't going to be voicing infectious diseases. You know, we gotta draw the line somewhere.

Sometimes I get a little jealous when the kids are clinging all over their Daddy. G used to favor me, I used to be the one he'd want to cuddle with and go to when he needed comfort. I don't think I was ever that for A, she was always 'Daddy's little girl.' I joked that when G was born there was finally 'one for me.'

When we got out of the car on Sunday for church A was holding daddy's hand and G was holding mine. When G wriggled out of my hand to hold hands with Daddy I said, 'Why can't I be the favorite?'

However I can't get too jealous because I realize, what an amazing man I've married. I get him as my husband! I knew I wanted to marry a man who would be a good father, but I never could have imagined how good Hubby would be with our kids. How they absolutely adore him, need him, and want him. It makes me love and appreciate him all the more. The best part is I am top in his list, so I guess I am someone's favorite.

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The Wagners said...

Lark, don't worry...I thought the same thing when I had Riley "ah, one for who likes me best" but alas...she's a daddy's girl. I take advantage of it at bedtime...they want daddy to put them to bed and mommy gets to read a magazine or computer time!