Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The big day (part 1)

The day started off with the kids waking up around 6:45, not bad I thought, but wished they'd slept in more since it would be a long day and without a nap for A. After packing up the bags, getting some breakfast and getting myself ready, I was taking a look at some of the pictures from the rehearsal dinner the night before and specifically at G's hair.

Hmm. That looks kinda like, well...I don't know. Does that resemble a MULLET?

Sure, the curls look super cute in the back, but he probably did need a trim in the front. A few weeks back A mentioned something about 'G's bangs.' I looked at her and said, 'Honey. Gdoes not have BANGS, Gis a boy...it's...um...front hair'

I was on The Children's Place website the other day and came across this banner ad with a little boy with adorable hair.

Now how can I get his hair to do that? Of course, I'm sure the little boy had curlers in his poor hair before the photo shoot and more gel and hairspray in it than I put in my own hair. I was not willing to curl and gel my son for the wedding.

So yes, I did it. I got the guts to get his hair cut. I was supposed to be picked up by the limo at 10 am to head to the salon. At around 9 am I called the salon and asked if they could possibly work him in that day some time. They said they had a 9:30 opening, so I rushed up there with him to try and be back at the house before the limo got there to take me back!

G obviously wasn't too thrilled about this. He did NOT want to be messed with and was a bit scared of what was going to happen. He pretty much cried through the whole thing.

He didn't even like the cute doggie coverup that they had for him to wear.

You can see he has Lightning McQueen to comfort him in one hand and a lollipop in the other hand. He was so distressed he wouldn't even put the lollipop in his mouth. I gave it to him right when he got in the chair and he didn't put it in his mouth until he was safely back in my arms. On the way home I thought, hmm, I'm doing pretty good it's only 9:55, I've still got time! Then a car turned down the street to reveal the limo that was in front of me on the way to my parents house. Okay, well, I'm not that late then.

Tune in soon for the 'after' pictures!


waldenhouse said...

enjoy stress much? fitting in a child's haircut the morning of his wedding debut - that totally sounds like something i would do. when i get something in my head, watch out. for better or worse. :)

i must say, his cute moptop was looking a little mulletish - now that you mention it. that is what i am constantly striving to avoid with timothy. he will probably be seeing a professional soon!

Lark said...

Yeah, I know, when I saw that picture and thought about all the wedding pictures the next day...if I'd known how few pictures he'd actually make it into I might have reconsidered.

But yay for lack of mullet!