Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Superman

G doesn't care for clothing. He'd rather be stark naked all the time, or as he calls it 'peepee naked.' Can't quite remember how that got started, perhaps something about him going peepee on the floor? Hmm. This also was the problem with getting him to wear the tuxedo for the wedding, or on most days shoes, sunglasses, hats, and jackets. He'd rather be naked! Don't stifle me with clothes mom! This credo of his also apparently applies to costumes.

So I'd purchased a cute little Elmo costume for him and tried to put it on him. No way Jose. Not gonna happen. He ran away so fast and even Elmo couldn't talk him into sitting still for a moment to put it over his head. So I had to be a little creative for his Halloween costume. He has a pair of Superman pj's (and PJs are one exception to the clothing rule I guess, because he doesn't ever want to change out of his pj's in the morning) and so I thought I'd make a little cape for the back and perhaps let him think it's really just his PJs, not an actual costume.

We had a playgroup at the park for his playgroup age kids that we'd met right after he was born. He ended up wearing the costume and only ripped the cape off at the end of the morning.

Mom trick success!

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