Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Adverb

A and I were discussing the seasons this morning as she was getting dressed for school, and talking about how cold it was today. I told her it gets really cold in the winter time, but it's not even winter yet. She asked what season came after winter, and I said,

L: Spring comes after winter and then summer is after that, spring is when Easter comes and we celebrate Jesus's ressurection.

A: Mommy, I know what we can do when it's Easter. We can sing the songs on our Easter CD. Listen Mommy: 'Christ the Lord is risen toooodaaaay, Ahhhhhleluuuuia'

L: That's great honey, I like your singing.

A: Yeah Mommy, I sang that very Jesusy.

Jesus-y, awesome new adverb. I guess this answers the question 'How would Jesus sing?


Milla said...

Ah hahahaha! How funny! Jesus-y. I'm going to have to use that.

torinem said...

Oh, I love that. Too cute!