Friday, October 3, 2008

The perfect cake

Have I told you I love to decorate cakes? I think it started with icing a cake and adding a little bit of umph to it by getting a can of that frosting that looks like Easy Cheese. It was fun to play with and make flowers and designs.

From there I went through the cake decorating aisle and decided to get a few things to start really decorating cakes. A couple of decorating tips, a coupler, and pastry bag (the white triangle shaped thing).

After many plain cakes with flowers and swirls piped onto them I started gaining confidence. Not with icing text however, my handwriting is worse on a cake than it is on paper if you can believe that is possible.

At last I have children who will need at least one cake a year so I have an outlet for my decorating love. Tonight I'm up late working on the VeggieTales cake for tomorrow's party. For a little 'taste' of my cakes, here are some I've done this year. I'm not that great but I'm learning from each try.

Hello Kitty Cupcakes- Here I learned that it is not acceptable to use black Pipe Cleaners in place of licorice. Mmm. Tasty black bits of fuzz.

Mickey- Here I learned that getting the right colored icing is very important. This cake was about to be the biggest disaster. Instead of the Ivory and Black they looked more like 'sunburnt mickey' and 'mickey in old age'. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of the awfulness it was. I also learned not to bother trying to make black icing and so in a stroke of genius the ears ended up as chopped up oreo crumbs.

Bathtub ducky cake for a baby shower. I loved this one! I found the 3D duck pan on clearance and had to make this cake. The kids loved eating the duck. But from this cake I learned that the weight of the cake is important. This one was so big that it was too heavy for my cake board. Also I learned I needed stabilizers in order to add 3D elements but since I do stuff last minute that led me to use whatever I had in the kitchen, so I stuck toothpicks in the cake to help the duck stay standing. Watch out for the sticks of wood in the cake guys!

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waldenhouse said...

Very nice, I think I see a side job on the horizon.