Friday, October 31, 2008

Dino Nuggets

I've mentioned before how Hubby does voices for the kids for pretty much anything they want to talk to them. Today during lunch he was voicing the Dino Nuggets they were eating.

A: Daddy, make the Dino Nuggets talk

H: Okay, (roar voice that kind of sounds like Strong Mad) Oh, you are going to eat me!

A: (chomps head off nugget)

H: Oh! You ate my head off!

G: Daddy, mee too!

K: Oh no, you are going to eat me!

G: (eats part of nugget)

H: Oh, no, you ate me!

G: (takes nugget out of mouth) Sorwee Dino Nugget

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Superman

G doesn't care for clothing. He'd rather be stark naked all the time, or as he calls it 'peepee naked.' Can't quite remember how that got started, perhaps something about him going peepee on the floor? Hmm. This also was the problem with getting him to wear the tuxedo for the wedding, or on most days shoes, sunglasses, hats, and jackets. He'd rather be naked! Don't stifle me with clothes mom! This credo of his also apparently applies to costumes.

So I'd purchased a cute little Elmo costume for him and tried to put it on him. No way Jose. Not gonna happen. He ran away so fast and even Elmo couldn't talk him into sitting still for a moment to put it over his head. So I had to be a little creative for his Halloween costume. He has a pair of Superman pj's (and PJs are one exception to the clothing rule I guess, because he doesn't ever want to change out of his pj's in the morning) and so I thought I'd make a little cape for the back and perhaps let him think it's really just his PJs, not an actual costume.

We had a playgroup at the park for his playgroup age kids that we'd met right after he was born. He ended up wearing the costume and only ripped the cape off at the end of the morning.

Mom trick success!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Adverb

A and I were discussing the seasons this morning as she was getting dressed for school, and talking about how cold it was today. I told her it gets really cold in the winter time, but it's not even winter yet. She asked what season came after winter, and I said,

L: Spring comes after winter and then summer is after that, spring is when Easter comes and we celebrate Jesus's ressurection.

A: Mommy, I know what we can do when it's Easter. We can sing the songs on our Easter CD. Listen Mommy: 'Christ the Lord is risen toooodaaaay, Ahhhhhleluuuuia'

L: That's great honey, I like your singing.

A: Yeah Mommy, I sang that very Jesusy.

Jesus-y, awesome new adverb. I guess this answers the question 'How would Jesus sing?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Status

I'm on Facebook and I love the way that it connects me with people I haven't seen in a long time and that I can see pictures of friends and their new families. The status feature keeps me up to date (almost minutely) with what people are doing. One of my recent ones was: "Lark hates it when her son unrolls the entire paper towel roll"

Reading other people's status updates is funny and occasionally informative (just found out my friend had a baby!), but sometimes they are not so funny. I have a lot of the kids from the youth group, college students, or old high school classmates as my friends. Some of their status updates aren't so great. Most of the time I ignore them but if it's someone I know well, I might call them out on it.

Tonight one person had as his status: "'Kid's name' is going full retard.'" I just couldn't let that one slide and told him that wasn't kind. He soon after replaced it with something else.

I am not intimately knowledgeable about Down Syndrome and other disabilities, but I think that the way we treat others has something to say about ourselves. We can encourage others to speak well and watch our words so they have a clear understanding of how hurtful it can be to say those things.

A perfect example comes from my two little parrots who copy everything I say. When something coming out of their mouth doesn't sound as good as when it came out of my own mouth, I know I need to scratch that from my vocab. It's tough though, you know? I've been catching my self saying 'Good Lord' when there is a huge mess or something like that and that's not really an appropriate response. So I've just tried to replace that with "goodness."

Good thing the Good Lord is with me, revealing my error gently and helping me change. I suggest we gently reprove those who use the R-word and help them see the hurtful power of our words.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Big Day (part 2)

After G had his hair cut the girls all got to the salon to have our hair done too. A did pretty good through the process and was still and didn't fuss about it. It may have been the unlimited cookie supply I was feeding her...but hey! there are no real rules on wedding day.

So, with hair done and makeup finished we were off to the church to get in our dresses and have some pictures taken. I was running around (as usual) getting my dress on, helping the photographers, moving things, finding things, getting the veil put in her hair, and on and on. Once I got myself ready I looked around for A to get her into her dress. After looking for a little bit I found her...

She was passed out on a chair. I didn't know if I should wake her up or just let her sleep. I figured it was too late now so I just decided to let her sleep through the before ceremony pictures and perhaps she might get a 30 minute nap in to refresh her. Was she like waking Sleeping Beauty from her sleep? No way. More like waking up a fire-breathing dragon. She was VERY cranky and didn't want to do anything, didn't want to get in her dress or have her 'princess crown' on, or get in her tights or shoes. Didn't want to hold her basket or throw the flowers. What was I going to do!? The ceremony started in 20 minutes and I had to get her from cranky to cooperative.

I knew she really wasn't trying to be in a bad mood, she just was tired. At one point she said, "Mommy! My smile just won't come out!" Poor thing. We got her all ready (by the way, G got in his tux no problem, but never did get his shoes on), and were in the back of the church waiting for it to be time to walk down the aisle. My Uncle came and saved the day, he started joking around with A and made her laugh and smile and forget about being cranky. No one else could make her smile or laugh, not even Daddy or Mommy, but my uncle was saying things like 'ooh, that wall just bit my elbow' and A thought it was great.

Now, over to G. He seemed like he was doing okay. Then Daddy had to walk my grandparents down the aisle and he had a fit. Once Hubby was out of the area he would cry. And it was pretty loud. I had to take him outside, talk to him a little bit and got him calmed down, but once I came back in it was crying all over again. Then it was my turn to walk down the aisle. And what was I supposed to do? I just walked down and hoped for the best. I got to the front and saw A coming down, sprinkling her petals just as coached. Then when she ran out, she put the basket in her mouth and walked to the front row to claim her lollipop. G never did make it down, Hubby must have gone back to get him because next thing I knew he was sitting up there next to A with his own lollipop. And besides a little comment about Diego during the scripture reading, both kids were quiet and well behaved during the service. My best friend sat up there with Hubby to help, yay! Whew. It was finally over, I got a little emotional as I walked out with the best man, watching the new married couple.

Here's G passing the picture time with Daddy. Notice his 'after' picture for the hair cut. I wasn't too brave was I? She said she cut off 2 inches though! It still has a little curl to the bottom which I was very happy to still have. But she did even it up in places and Unmullet it, which was the important thing, hehehe.

The pictures were up next and they were pretty crazy but finally everything was ironed out and the reception began. It included some interesting highlights like me falling down a brick staircase, the bride's shoe getting stuck in the dance floor, and A almost falling into the river. I gave my toast, I took care of the bride when red wine got spilled on her dress, Hubby and I shared a dance (sort of...if you count alternately picking up children together as dancing) but it was to our song so it was special anyway.

I didn't feel like I had much time to take it all in, but it was beautiful. The reception looked like something out of a magazine. Lights strung up over the garden, the beautiful floral centerpieces, and the (expensive!) linens in pink, green, black, and white were perfect. I think my mom said it all when she said, 'it made all the money and time we spent preparing worth it to see how happy Sis looked and such joy on both of their faces.' It was a beautiful day and the weather was just right. It rained a little bit that morning but was perfect for the evening.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The big day (part 1)

The day started off with the kids waking up around 6:45, not bad I thought, but wished they'd slept in more since it would be a long day and without a nap for A. After packing up the bags, getting some breakfast and getting myself ready, I was taking a look at some of the pictures from the rehearsal dinner the night before and specifically at G's hair.

Hmm. That looks kinda like, well...I don't know. Does that resemble a MULLET?

Sure, the curls look super cute in the back, but he probably did need a trim in the front. A few weeks back A mentioned something about 'G's bangs.' I looked at her and said, 'Honey. Gdoes not have BANGS, Gis a' hair'

I was on The Children's Place website the other day and came across this banner ad with a little boy with adorable hair.

Now how can I get his hair to do that? Of course, I'm sure the little boy had curlers in his poor hair before the photo shoot and more gel and hairspray in it than I put in my own hair. I was not willing to curl and gel my son for the wedding.

So yes, I did it. I got the guts to get his hair cut. I was supposed to be picked up by the limo at 10 am to head to the salon. At around 9 am I called the salon and asked if they could possibly work him in that day some time. They said they had a 9:30 opening, so I rushed up there with him to try and be back at the house before the limo got there to take me back!

G obviously wasn't too thrilled about this. He did NOT want to be messed with and was a bit scared of what was going to happen. He pretty much cried through the whole thing.

He didn't even like the cute doggie coverup that they had for him to wear.

You can see he has Lightning McQueen to comfort him in one hand and a lollipop in the other hand. He was so distressed he wouldn't even put the lollipop in his mouth. I gave it to him right when he got in the chair and he didn't put it in his mouth until he was safely back in my arms. On the way home I thought, hmm, I'm doing pretty good it's only 9:55, I've still got time! Then a car turned down the street to reveal the limo that was in front of me on the way to my parents house. Okay, well, I'm not that late then.

Tune in soon for the 'after' pictures!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Prep

My sister is getting married this weekend and I went to town to help with the preparations and hopefully prepare the kids for their big roles as Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

I enlisted the help of her new in-laws to finish up the favors. Now this is a Manly way to work with ribbon. He was rockin with his ribbon cutting technique.

The rehearsal was a little crazy, but everything worked out okay. A and G got to practice going down the aisle twice. The first time G got about 1/2 way down before turning down a pew and running to look for Daddy. The second time he got a little further down. A got all of her petals out about 5 rows down and then put the basket in her mouth for the rest of the way down the aisle.

 Will they make it down the aisle? We'll find out tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sometimes it seems like every day is the same. On Sunday afternoon I literally forgot what day it was for a few minutes and I racked my brain and my surroundings for a clue as to what day it was.

The kids were watching their afternoon video and I was doing some cleaning and trying to finish up my "things I can't do while the kids are up" list while they were occupied with the video. I looked at my watch and it was 5:30. I thought about calling my mom. I wondered if I should call her at home or on her cell phone. Would she be home from work? What time was it, oh a little after 5pm. Hmm...will Hubby be home from work soon?

No wait you crazy woman. It's Sunday. Hubby just left an hour ago to go to youth group, your mom obviously isn't at work today.

So when I told my mom about my brain fart, she said, "oh, you didn't go to church today?" But I had gone to church, it was just the moment of doing the same thing I do every single day that caught me up in not knowing which of those days it was.

I told her I envied people who say 'TGIF' because I don't feel like I get a weekend break from my mom/wife/housekeeper duties. Yes, Saturdays are great when Hubby stays home, but often times he has an event to go to or we have something going on. Then sometimes it's weekdays that he'll take off to compensate if he works in the evening or on a special event.

But, I wouldn't go to work just to know what day of the week it is. On the flip side, I don't have to dread Mondays! In fact, Mondays are kinda nice because that's when I go to MOPS meetings. I am so glad Hubby takes care of going to work and providing for our family so that I can stay home. If nothing else I can always ask him what day it is :o)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Rebel

A has been going to preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, just like she did last year. She's really enjoying it and has made a few good friends. Usually on our way home from school we ask her about how her day was, what books they read, what songs they sang and so on. Today we had an interesting exchange:

Us: So what kinds of things did you do today honey?

A: Well, we got to see a fish in the tank. Then our class was going to go outside to see all the pumpkins, but I didn't want to hold Allison's hand.

Us: Oh, why didn't you want to hold Allison's hand honey?

A: I wanted to hold Jacob's hand.

Us: Well, you can't always hold Jacob's hand darling, you need to be friends with other kids too.

A: I had to stay in the office with Miss R and Madison came and took my hat. And I was making a face like this (mad face).

Us: Wait, what happened?

A: Madison came and took my hat because she is a little baby. Miss R took it from her and handed it back to me and I did this (snatching motion).

Us: (Alarmed) Go back to the beginning, tell us what happened. Are you saying that your whole class went outside to see the pumpkins but you had to stay inside because you didn't hold Allison's hand?

A: Yeah, Mrs. B said I had to stay there.

Us: Did Mrs. B tell you to hold Allison's hand?

A: Yeah, but I didn't want to.

Us: So you disobeyed Mrs. B and you had to sit in the office while the other kids went outside to play?

A: Yeah.

Us: And then a little baby took your hat and Miss R gave it back to you and you snatched it from her (increasing alarm)?

A: Yeah.

Us: A! That sounds terrible honey, you need to obey your teachers even when they are telling you to do something you don't want to do. You didn't get to go outside because you disobeyed. And snatching something from an adult is not respectful. Do you understand all this?

A: Yeah, don't make that sad face at me. Make a happy face at me.

Us: Are you sorry for disobeying and being disrespectful?

A: Yeah.

Us: Well, when we go to class on Thursday you are going to need to apologize for what you did today.

And the conversation went on from there. Wow! Our daughter was basically sent to the principal's office in preschool. Great, we have the rebel of the 3 year old class.

The afternoon pretty much went from bad to okay and then to horrible by the end of the day. We are at our wits end today with her. She is so difficult to deal with. She'll go into a tailspin if she doesn't get her way. Hubby and I had to have a long talk tonight to try and figure out what we are doing wrong or where we can improve. We've come up with some areas we can improve on: consistency from us and not answering her so quickly (giving us time to consider her request instead of answering no and then saying yes later because we didn't think about it enough).

Truthfully, I'm not feeling very hopeful on this right now. It's hard to know if it's her age, her personality, or her parents that are to fault.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Cakes

Here are some more of the cakes I've made and lessons I've learned from them.

This one was one of my first and turned out pretty awful. First of all the cake was so moist and I put the top layer upside down instead of rounded side up. It split down the middle after I frosted it. I tried to frost it white with blue lettering saying congratulations, but I ran out of room! So I had to scratch that blue off and that's how you end up with the tye-dye look there. It was still yummy though.

Another one that didn't turn out as well as I'd like was a 35th Anniversary cake for my in-laws. I tried adding pudding to the icing because it made for a yummy filling in the middle. Unfortunately it just kind of melted onto the cake. It was good, but looked pretty goofy.

Next off was the 2 year old birthday and it was Elmo since A was nuts for Elmo at the time. I bought a cake pan (anyone need an Elmo cake pan?) and it worked out perfectly. I highly recommend them because the contouring is just right. I learned how to pipe stars and though it takes a longer time than slapping the icing on with a knife the result is a great look that is pretty easy to achieve.

With such an easy shape like Hello Kitty I didn't need a cake pan and I learned how to cut cake into shapes. I made a 9x13 cake and cut it into an oval and used the leftover parts for ears. I didn't have anything long and black except pipe cleaners. They worked out okay but I still the black fuzz on the cake. Yummy.

That's it so far for my cake decorating. I do like doing it and seeing the smiles the kids get when they eat the 'eye' of whatever character. I love planning their parties, they have a homemade feeling about them. Not just the cakes but the whole party just feels simple, fun and well, doesn't cost a whole lot. I know for some parents having a birthday party can be a real drain on the budget because it costs X amount per child at the bowling alley or wherever. Hopefully our kids will enjoy the homemade efforts by their mom.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Have we got a party for you!

It's hard to believe 2 years ago we were celebrating A's 2nd birthday and awaiting G's birth. This year we had the kids party together, there's just so much going on this month with Sis's wedding. They were excited about the idea of a party together.

Their favorite videos to watch are VeggieTales and since it's gender neutral, it worked. We try to keep our parties pretty small, but since they were together we let them invite 2 friends each (plus their siblings) add parents and our family and we had a good crowd.

Our family arrived right as I finished decorating the cake. Before they got there I'd had Hubby keeping the kids out of the kitchen so I could work on it. Well, somehow between all 6 adults we had there G stuck his hand right in the top of Larry's head and eye. I said, "Noooo!" and had to wipe him off and try and fix the cake. Hubby came in and took him out and G walked down the hallway with him with his head down and all sad and said, "I wanna say sawee (sorry) to Mommy". So he came back and told me sorry, too sweet. How do you resist that?

It ended up working out okay, I think I got it fixed enough that you couldn't tell, but I was late to the party. I was pleased with how it came out. From this cake I learned to take a picture of the cake right when you finish it!
For fun we had a coloring table with VeggieTales pages.

Grant! No buddy, not again!

The hit toy of the day, the VeggieTales Pirate Ship from Mimi.

A got a Hello Kitty blanket and pillow that she really liked, Meme joked that now she could get rid of her "Lovey" (the little blanket she sleeps with every night). That little joke didn't go over too well and I had to assure her that Meme was just joking and we wouldn't REALLY get rid of Lovey. Sweet girl.

And really, why do we bother with toys sometimes? The girls had fun just running together in the gift bag.

The party was fun, but I sure am glad I don't have to do that again this month! Now on to the wedding.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The perfect cake

Have I told you I love to decorate cakes? I think it started with icing a cake and adding a little bit of umph to it by getting a can of that frosting that looks like Easy Cheese. It was fun to play with and make flowers and designs.

From there I went through the cake decorating aisle and decided to get a few things to start really decorating cakes. A couple of decorating tips, a coupler, and pastry bag (the white triangle shaped thing).

After many plain cakes with flowers and swirls piped onto them I started gaining confidence. Not with icing text however, my handwriting is worse on a cake than it is on paper if you can believe that is possible.

At last I have children who will need at least one cake a year so I have an outlet for my decorating love. Tonight I'm up late working on the VeggieTales cake for tomorrow's party. For a little 'taste' of my cakes, here are some I've done this year. I'm not that great but I'm learning from each try.

Hello Kitty Cupcakes- Here I learned that it is not acceptable to use black Pipe Cleaners in place of licorice. Mmm. Tasty black bits of fuzz.

Mickey- Here I learned that getting the right colored icing is very important. This cake was about to be the biggest disaster. Instead of the Ivory and Black they looked more like 'sunburnt mickey' and 'mickey in old age'. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of the awfulness it was. I also learned not to bother trying to make black icing and so in a stroke of genius the ears ended up as chopped up oreo crumbs.

Bathtub ducky cake for a baby shower. I loved this one! I found the 3D duck pan on clearance and had to make this cake. The kids loved eating the duck. But from this cake I learned that the weight of the cake is important. This one was so big that it was too heavy for my cake board. Also I learned I needed stabilizers in order to add 3D elements but since I do stuff last minute that led me to use whatever I had in the kitchen, so I stuck toothpicks in the cake to help the duck stay standing. Watch out for the sticks of wood in the cake guys!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fire Fighters

Monday we took a field trip to the Fire House with MOPS.

So last night A was telling her babysitter all about the seeing the Firefighters. She said excitedly, "We went to the fire house and they weren't even fighting!"

I guess I could have been more clear in explaining why we call them Fire 'Fighters.' Hmm.