Friday, January 30, 2009

Potty Progress

Well, I bet some of you are wondering how potty training is going ever since I entered the 'Land that shall not be named'.

I am in a most frustratingly relaxed state. Hmm. Not possible? Let me explain.

After our 'potty training in a day' took about 2 weeks, we still have not arrived in 'successful toileting land.' In those two weeks we had him wear only underwear during his awake hours and tried everything we could think of to help him. Could the potty be the issue? We tried the big potty, big potty with seat, little potty, different little potty, standing, sitting, etc.

I've washed all the rugs, mopped the floors, and have probably sprayed every square inch of carpet with pet cleaner. I found myself singing Elmo Potty songs while making dinner. I had a load of laundry going perpetually since there was always pee on something, and don't even get me started on the poopie accidents. [shudders]

After 2 weeks of that I decided to quit. I just couldn't do it. I knew in my head that if I stuck it out another week or so that it would be over. But then again the crazy voice came back at me and shakily said, 'what if it's more than a week, what if it's a year!?' I decided to salvage my sanity and just put him back in diapers. He wasn't progressing. He would go on the potty if we told him to go sit on the potty, he just wouldn't stop what he was doing to go to the potty if he needed to pee. And sometimes I'd suggest to him to go potty and he'd say no and 2 minutes later he'd pee in his pants. Aghhhh! How incredibly frustrating!!!!!!!!!! (extra exclamation points for emphasis)

So back in diapers he went, but then he kept taking them off and trying to use the potty. He wouldn't let me not keep potty training him! I was past the point of no return, I had to keep going. Nooooooooo!

So, now we've resorted to training pants. I used to think they were potty deterrents, just diapers that a kid could pull down if he so chose to use the potty. Amelia would pee in them rather than go to the potty, but wouldn't pee in big girl underwear, so we didn't use them with her. We just went cold turkey with her.

But boys, so I've heard, are different. G is taking his sweet time with figuring all this out, and that's why I can say I'm now in a relaxed state. I'm going to let him take his time. We've just been putting him in training pants and encouraging him to use the potty and not stressing out about it. The other day he announced, 'I need go use the potty' and he did it! So now it's just a matter of doing it all the time.

I'm going to just go with the, um. I'm just going to be patient and let the wise words I've heard from Elmo Potty sink into my consciousness as I think of G:

Music intro..."Boys do it, girls do it, big kids all around the world do it. You'll do it, you'll use the potty.
Grownups, oh yeah we do it, folks as far as we can see do it. You'll do it, you'll use the potty. "
(Take it to the bridge Grover!)"All of your friends and your neighbors, each in their own special waaaaay! Doctors and Waiters they do it everyday!" (Doctors and waiters too huh? Well THAT's good to know!)Grandparents do it, teens do it, even famous kings and queens do it. You'll do it, you'll use the potty!
(Spoken)"Baby Bear: Hey! Everybody, Curly bear put her woo-woo in the potty for the very first time!
Curly Bear: Yeah, yeah! Curly woo-woo in potty!
Elmo: Elmo knew Curly could learn how, after all, everybody does!"
(if you want more info on the 'different potty words segment' you'll just have to use your imagination)

"We're talking sisters and brothers, each in their own special way!
(Do you guys have some other 'special way' of doing this that I wasn't taught?') Fathers and Mothers, they do it everyday!
There's so many kids who'll do it, believe me someday even you'll do it! You will do it. You'll use the paaaahhhteeee! "

After that rousing encouragement, how could anyone worry about their child?

But seriously, I am taking this whole potty training thing much less seriously and thus I am able to relax and just realize he's taking his time and it will all come out okay in the, um, turn out okay.

I better end this now before I stick too many puns in it!

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Milla said...

Ah hahahahahaha! That is SO great. I love the Elmo potty song... I need to look it up on YouTube!

Good luck with all of this. I know Grant will start getting his woo-woo in the potty just like Curly Bear soon! :)