Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wedding Pictures

My sister just uploaded these pictures of her wedding from the professional photographer. I only took 1 picture at the wedding with my camera, I was too busy running around. The decor was beautiful, like something out of a magazine.

I didn't take many pictures myself because I was sure the professional would get all kinds of good pictures. Particularly of my kids. What photographer doesn't love the flower girl and ring bearer? Don't most photographers go overboard and take lots of cute shots of them just standing around or playing or lovingly looking at the bride? Well, not Sis's photographer. He's a single guy and ended up taking lots of shots of the cute bridesmaids. I did ask him at the reception to take some shots of the kids and us and I'm glad I did or I wouldn't have gotten much of them at all.

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torinem said...

What great pictures! I love the colors she picked!