Monday, February 2, 2009

Boba bites the dust

Hubby got a fish tank for his birthday, in the shape of R2D2 from Star Wars with a little beta fish and he named it Boba. On Monday last week Hubby took put the tank together in his office and put Boba in the tank. A was fascinated with Boba and kept asking about him and wanting to go to the church to see him all week to say hi to him.

6 days later Hubby took the kids to the office to pick up some books and change the water in Boba's tank. Somehow as he was changing the water, something didn't quite agree with Boba and he floated belly up. Hubby told him that he was 'sleeping' and got them into the car and then went back and flushed him.

When they got home Hubby was telling me the story and we were talking about the best way to break it to her. She asked if we could go back and see if Boba was awake. We said he was probably still sleeping and she announces:

"I think he's dead."

She wasn't sad or anything, just more matter a fact. We just kinda laughed and said, 'well honey, I think you are right.' Later that night she told Kevin that she prayed that God would bring Boba back to life. I don't think we are going to have a Boba 2. We are glad she's not really upset about it!

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