Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feeling sooooo loved...

So Hubby was gone for a few days for a pastor's conference. The morning he was gone I gave lots of extra cuddle time with A because I knew she'd be missing her daddy. We were snuggling together and talking about it:

A: Mommy, I miss daddy
M: I know honey, I miss him too
A: I wish he didn't have to go to Chicago
M: I do too, but it's part of his job and he works hard for us.
A: I wish it was you that had to go to Chicago.
M: (To self: Hmm. Thanks.)

Then there are those lovely times I've come to pick A up from school or Sunday School and she has a fit when she sees it's ME picking her up and not Daddy. It's such a blast to pick her up off the floor and carry her to the car.

Then today I was visiting with a friend in the morning while she was at school. When I walked in the door I was greeted with, "Aww, mommy I didn't want you to come home." Thanks honey. I told Hubby, "You didn't hear what she just said about me did you?" He said, "Yeah, she's been saying that a lot since we've been home." Lovely.

Oh well, girls and their daddies. I told my mom some of these things and she said that I did those kinds of things with my daddy. Poor mom, she didn't even get a little boy to love on, she had two girls.

I have a little boy who lights up when I come to pick him up from church and who comes to MY side of the bed in the morning to snuggle. I just have to work on loving A through this stage and not taking it personally.

I told Hubby that A is a lot like I was as a child and he thinks G is a lot like he was as a child, so perhaps that's why they are attracted to the opposite parent. Or maybe it's all Freudian and A  wants to marry her daddy and take over. That wouldn't actually surprise me either. I guess I'll have to wait for 20 years. My mom and I are good friends now and I totally appreciate her more than I did I'm sure when I was 4 years old! Man, is parenting a lesson in patience or what!?

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Milla said...

Oh Lark this is SO funny. You are a great story-teller.

I think I was like this as a child, too. I just adored my dad, and when he came home, it was so exciting and special. Don't take it too personally, though. My mom is my best friend now! :)