Sunday, May 24, 2009

Third time's a charm?

So after my failed attempt in January to potty train G I decided I'd wait until the summer to try again. There is no real rush, but diapers are expensive and he has to be trained by August for his preschool class. So this week it's been really rainy and there's no end in sight to the amount of days we'll be stuck at home. What better time to try the potty again? So Wednesday we tried some informal potty stuff, I told him to pee pee on the potty and he did, so I kept him in underwear for the day. Here's how it went:

Pee on potty, Pee in underwear, No underwear-pee in potty, Put underwear on-pee in underwear. Agh! Seemed like he'd only pee in the potty when he was totally naked. And unless we were going to stay at home and not accept visitors this wasn't an option.

Pee on potty, pee in underwear, no underwear-pee in potty, training pants-pee in potty when asked, pee in potty when told, no underwear-pee on floor, pee on potty when told. Seems like one step forward one step back.

Well, Friday morning he peed on the floor even without underwear so the stay naked technique wasn't even working.

I'd had it with that so I pulled Potty Scotty back out and decided to do the whole training routine one more time. In my head I decided that if it didn't work I'd leave it to Hubby to potty train him. The 'Potty training in less than a day' book is what I used with A and while very specific and instructive it is overly optimistic about child temperaments. My kids are strong willed so it's a little tougher.

So with much trepidation we began again. Teach Scotty to use the potty, Scotty goes potty. Here's how it sounds: Yay Scotty! You are a big boy, you get a treat. Oh no, Scotty wet his pants. We don't like wet pants Scotty. We love you, but we don't like wet pants. Daddy doesn't like wet pants. Mommy doesn't like wet pants. Thomas the Train doesn't like wet pants. Are your pants wet? We must practice, practice going to the potty. We must practice fast, run to the potty Scotty! Good job, do it again...

Oh my gosh I'm going to go crazy typing out all that dialogue. But after G trained Scotty successfully it was time for him to have his own turn. My entire Friday was spent repeating that crazy mommy potty lingo of simple sentences and remembering all the techniques. Poor G, the best part of potty training for him was that I was feeding him non-stop crackers (to make him thirsty) and juice (so he'd have lots of chances to go potty). Having too much juice produced...shall we say 'soft' bowels? Having the big D doesn't make for easy potty training cause as a 2-year old ya really don't know when that is going to come out. So for lunch we had lots of cheese, and whole wheat bread and no more juice for the rest of the day!

So anyway, the point of the book's training is to get your child to go from you telling them to use the potty, to suggesting they use the potty, to mentioning the potty, to not mentioning the potty and then they are doing it on their own. It was late Friday night and G had not gotten to that last phase. I'd stopped suggesting he go to the potty and was waiting for the breakthrough that he decide to go. He's done it before, either underwearless or in the pool. But once again he wanted to play instead of potty so we had to do the whole practicing which he didn't like.

Practicing is a series of running from one room to the potty and practicing going while wearing the wet pants. You have to do it 10 times from different spots in the house to help them remember to go fast to the potty. Plus it's a deterrent, if they know they are going to have to practice if they wet their pants, they might just decide it's easier just to go potty than interrupt playing with all that practicing.

Saturday morning: I put him in underwear (diapers still for bed) and after a while he wets his pants again. More practicing. He's crying saying, "I can't do it!" But I know he can and I tell him that he can because he's a big boy and he's done it before and he's going to get it, I know he can! Then I sing him the little Elmo potty song that I mentioned in my last potty progress post. Then we do all the other techniques and have him change into dry pants.

Finally! A BREAKTHROUGH! About 45 minutes after all that practicing he is playing and says he needs to use the potty and he runs to the potty and uses it! The Hallelujah chorus begins in the bathroom and there is much rejoicing in the Kelsey household. I'm serious. We are all four dancing and running around the kitchen as we get the celebratory M&M. This is a big deal folks.

And what's more, G stayed dry the entire rest of the day! In fact he stayed dry all of Sunday too, even though we had to go out to church in the morning. The only time he had an accident was when the kids were playing in the sanctuary after church. The nursery worker told me he used the potty two times while in nursery, that he'd told them he needed to go (she did mention he needed to improve his aim, ha!). So I figured he'd be okay while we talked with friends after the service. He ended up pooping in his pants, but I could understand with being in a new place, not knowing where the bathrooms were, perhaps it was okay to poopie in pants...just not pee? So I took him and changed him and then after getting home we did a few practices and made it clear it wasn't good to pee or poopie in his pants. Later today he made three other important steps that I think are good milestones. He said he needed to pee even when there was a video on (TV is like kiddy crack for my children), we were playing outside and he went inside so he could pee, and during dinner he needed to poop and he went to the potty.

I am so relieved that he's finally getting it. I get pretty stressed about this, so it's good to have the main part done. We are all proud of our little guy. He's really getting bigger and if he stays dry all of tomorrow we are going out to the store to find some Lightning McQueen underwear or some kind of toy. Yay G!

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