Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Say Wha?

The other day the kids were calling their friend Caleb a 'Weenie'. They weren't doing it tauntingly, just being silly like when they rhyme words and make up things. Later at lunch they said it again and I had a chance to ask them about it:

L: Where did you guys get the word weenie from anyway?

A: The guy with the monkey mom!

L: (thinking) You mean Curious George?

A: (laughing) Nooooo!

L: Okay, well what guy with a monkey are you talking about?

A: You know, the guy with the monkey and the girl with the tiger!

L: (lots of thinking) Guy with a monkey and a girl with a tiger? What?

A: Yeah, the guy with a monkey and girl with a tiger!

L: (more thinking) You mean Aladdin?

A: Yeah! The guy with a monkey says weenie.

L: You mean GENIE?

A: Yeah the guy with a monkey and the Genie!

L: (laughing) Ohh, I see.

So, Caleb, after all they were just calling you a Genie. That's not so bad, eh?

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