Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introduction to Kevin's movie loves

The stage: Hubby is playing music from different movies, including Lord of the Rings...

A: Daddy, who is that?
K: That's Gandalf.
A: Is he a bad guy?
K: No, he's a good guy, you are really going to like these movies one day. They have to destroy a ring.
A: Why?
K: That's the only way to defeat the Dark Lord
A: Is the Dark Lord a bad guy? (quivering voice)
K: (laughing) Yes, the Dark Lord is a bad guy.

Later..Star Wars theme begins...

A: Aghhhh!
G: I'm scared
K: You can't be scared of this, it's STAR WARS!

A: Wow, daddy, you have a lot of Star Wars movies, you must really like Star Wars!

Hubby then tells them all about comic book heroes and they watch a few non-scary Spider-man scenes.

A: What does it feel like to get bit by a radioactive spider?
K: I don't know honey, probably it stings like a regular spider bite.

A continues the questioning, wanting to know everything about all of them. I'm starting to think this is the stuff that nightmares are made of and start making signals to Hubby.

K: Honey, these are all pretend stories, they are not real. Some of these stories are too scarey for you. You don't need to know about some stuff.
A: Like what stuff?

Now they are getting ready for bed and Hubby is making up a Spider-man pretend story. I told him to keep it non-scary and suggested he tell them about how Spider-man went to Publix. He said that would be lame, but if HE made it up it wouldn't be lame. Now they are calling Spider-man on the telephone.

He is a great Daddy!

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