Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A loves words

A has been enjoying writing letters in the past few months and she's gotten really good at making words too. We got her a dry erase board that has letters under it that she can practice on and she loves it. In the car today she was asking us how to spell words so that she could write them. She can write a few words on her own and sometimes she sounds things out to write them on her own, but many times she'll come and ask us to spell something for her.

So in the car today she was drawing some pictures to go along with her words. She asked us to spell 'cake' and 'eat'. Then she asked us to spell 'hell' and I thought I'd heard her wrong, but when I asked her again she said 'how do you spell hell'. So I asked her why she wanted to spell hell and she said:

"You know mom, HELL-O-KIT-TY"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Some things G has said/done in the past few months that I just don't want to forget:

He was about to get in the bathtub but the water was too hot. Hubby asked him if the water was too warm and he said "It's too watery"

The other day he was fussing about not getting a toy or something he couldn't have and he was upset and whining. Then he said, "I sound tired" and I asked him if he wanted to go take his nap (it was still 20 minutes until naptime) and he said yes and went and grabbed his lovey blanket and came back to pull me off of the couch so I could go put him down for a nap. What a sweetie! He loves those naps! A also offered to put him down, to tell him a story, sing and pray. She's a big little helper.

In the party section at Walmart we went by some Little Mermaid stuff and he said, "Mom, look, it's the Little Mer-mi-nade". The lady near me just laughed and said it was so cute.

Me: "G, you need to say in your room and go to bed."
G: "You can't defeat me!"

When G wants a drink he says, "I'm Firsty"

This little guy cracks us up all the time!