Sunday, February 15, 2009

I mustache you a question....Why!?

Some priceless pictures of my hubby. Story goes that he spent 3 weeks growing out his beard just because. Then when he was tired of it and ready to shave it off he decided to have a little fun with it. At first with the beard he looked like a lumberjack.

Then he wanted to go with the chops.

The he chopped the chops and went for the goatee.

Then of course, the stash. Wow.

When he came out of the bathroom like this...I was speechless. Then he struck this pose and that smarmy smile, I could barely take the picture I was laughing so much. We have gotten A LOT of laughs out of this photo. Some people thought it was seriously disturbing, but everyone thought it was hilarious. But really honey, I think it's time to change your facebook profile picture. Yikes, I'm glad the mustache only lasted 5 minutes!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Boba bites the dust

Hubby got a fish tank for his birthday, in the shape of R2D2 from Star Wars with a little beta fish and he named it Boba. On Monday last week Hubby took put the tank together in his office and put Boba in the tank. A was fascinated with Boba and kept asking about him and wanting to go to the church to see him all week to say hi to him.

6 days later Hubby took the kids to the office to pick up some books and change the water in Boba's tank. Somehow as he was changing the water, something didn't quite agree with Boba and he floated belly up. Hubby told him that he was 'sleeping' and got them into the car and then went back and flushed him.

When they got home Hubby was telling me the story and we were talking about the best way to break it to her. She asked if we could go back and see if Boba was awake. We said he was probably still sleeping and she announces:

"I think he's dead."

She wasn't sad or anything, just more matter a fact. We just kinda laughed and said, 'well honey, I think you are right.' Later that night she told Kevin that she prayed that God would bring Boba back to life. I don't think we are going to have a Boba 2. We are glad she's not really upset about it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breaking things

My children break things. Lots of things.

It seems that everyday I'm throwing something out that is broken or patching something up. The superglue keeps making appearances.

So I decided to do something about it. The other day I recorded it through pictures. First I just went around the house and look for things that were already broken. Then the kids must have gotten wind of my photo project and wanted to help out...

Every set of blinds in our house except two are broken. Only the 2 in our room remain intact. This set of blinds in the living room took a hit from the kids pulling so hard on the cords like it was a jungle swing. I'm not planning to replace them because the new ones would get broken too! So I just tucked the cords over the rod and covered it with the curtain.

Now that we can't pull up the blinds this is what the kids look like in the morning saying bye to Daddy:

Another blind bites the dust. Luckily my mom is replacing some wooden blinds at her house that just happen to be the same size.

Okay, what else is broken around here? Ah, yes, this became a stool instead of a toy holder. Since it doesn't hold water or sand we are still using it.

This is where my 'office' is. This poor thing has been pushed off the couch many a time. It's missing the clasp at the top that 'locks' it closed. Oh well, it could be worse. At least I have my space bar...

Oh, my swivel sweeper. I love this thing, it's pretty shot though. I did find another one on the clearance rack so I have a replacement for it, but I'm waiting until it REALLY is broken. This is just partially broken right?

This is our bedroom door vent. A's door has already been fixed, but you should have seen it before Hubby fixed it (the 3rd time). We called it her doggie door because it was just a big hole and she loved crawling through it. We soon will have a doggie door if the kids continue to pull on it.

While I'm going around taking pictures of things that were already broken, A brings me her doll stroller that they have been pushing each other in.

So I fix that up....sorta, and they go back to playing. Then I notice this behind G's chair. Not previously broken. Man, I liked this picture.

So I was going to finish this post the other day, but tonight's breakages were just the topping on the ice cream. G slid the duckie soap dispenser off the counter and on to the rug. I just threw it all in the sink so I could clean it up later. This was not our first duckie soap dispenser, this has happened before.

Last but not least, while I was doing dishes and the kids were sleeping in their rooms...well, I guess A wasn't sleeping because I heard a crack. The light was on in my bathroom and I saw this.

Ah apparently the towel bar became a monkey bar for the little girl sneaking out of her room.

Sigh. Are all kids this destructive?