Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Death of a Laptop

So I've mentioned that my kids break things. My laptop is just the next thing in a long succession of things that have fallen prey to their inexperienced hands. It's really not entirely their fault. Please, step into my 'office'....

My couch doesn't really make for a good office, but it's the best I can do without monopolizing the kitchen table. It's a good place for me to get some work done while I watch the kids. But the couch is also fair game in their play area.

So the other day Amelia was sitting on the couch waiting for her friend to come over. There was still an hour before Jacob was supposed to come over but she just wanted to sit by the window to watch for him. I was doing things around the house and as I came back by the living room she says, "Mommy, I put your computer back on the couch, it fell off."

I went to check on the computer and it was not registering power to the battery even though it was plugged in. I knew exactly what the problem was. How is this you ask? Because it's been broken 2 other times for the exact same problem, but before the change was gradual. I'd notice it switching from battery to AC power even when the cord was plugged in. I called the warranty people at Dell to let them know I had a problem and they sent someone out to fix it. My warranty ran out in July. Awesome.

It really put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I knew that this time it was done for, no hope left, no flicker of power connecting whatsoever. So a few days later I turned it back on to use the 1 hour of battery power I had left to back up all my files. I didn't get them all so there are some things still left on my hard drive. I wanted to assess the problem, to see if there was a way to get the motherboard port to reattach so I took apart the computer.

I got it all back together and there was a tiny flicker of power, but I couldn't get it to last. Now I have to figure out how to a)recharge my battery b)borrow a hard drive reader to move the files OR c)find someone who can fix the port on the motherboard.

As much as I'd like to blame this on my kids I knew it was bound to happen eventually. And I'm starting to believe what Amelia said ('No I didn't bump it Mommy...No, I wasn't jumping on the couch, it just fell off'). For instance, I found this strange notepad message on the hard drive when I was cleaning everything off:

Dear Lark,
There are so many reasons I have to do this. I'm sure you will understand. You know you've wanted more memory anyway and I just don't run as fast as I used to with all your graphic heavy programs. You are already using that external hard drive and it feels like betrayal every time you plug it in. Is 60GB not enough for you? I'm also tired of the abuse. I think I first felt this way when your son took off my letter 'F' key. It may not be an important letter to you, but it's part of me. And my display screen was never the same after it was colored on. And sure you got me fixed when I was under warranty, but what now? Am I obsolete because new parts cost more than a brand new model? Do I mean nothing to you?

I just can't take it anymore. Goodbye Cruel World!

Inspirion 1300

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introduction to Kevin's movie loves

The stage: Hubby is playing music from different movies, including Lord of the Rings...

A: Daddy, who is that?
K: That's Gandalf.
A: Is he a bad guy?
K: No, he's a good guy, you are really going to like these movies one day. They have to destroy a ring.
A: Why?
K: That's the only way to defeat the Dark Lord
A: Is the Dark Lord a bad guy? (quivering voice)
K: (laughing) Yes, the Dark Lord is a bad guy.

Later..Star Wars theme begins...

A: Aghhhh!
G: I'm scared
K: You can't be scared of this, it's STAR WARS!

A: Wow, daddy, you have a lot of Star Wars movies, you must really like Star Wars!

Hubby then tells them all about comic book heroes and they watch a few non-scary Spider-man scenes.

A: What does it feel like to get bit by a radioactive spider?
K: I don't know honey, probably it stings like a regular spider bite.

A continues the questioning, wanting to know everything about all of them. I'm starting to think this is the stuff that nightmares are made of and start making signals to Hubby.

K: Honey, these are all pretend stories, they are not real. Some of these stories are too scarey for you. You don't need to know about some stuff.
A: Like what stuff?

Now they are getting ready for bed and Hubby is making up a Spider-man pretend story. I told him to keep it non-scary and suggested he tell them about how Spider-man went to Publix. He said that would be lame, but if HE made it up it wouldn't be lame. Now they are calling Spider-man on the telephone.

He is a great Daddy!