Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ain't it the truth

Just a little story about our sweet little girl:

Tonight at church Mrs. Nina was talking to the class about Easter and Jesus and how his death is the punishment that we deserve. She asked the kids, "How many sins does it take to keep you out of heaven? It only takes one sin. I don't know about you guys but I sin sometimes."

A raised her hand and said:

"I sin A LOT!"

But seriously, I think she really is starting to understand spiritual things and we are seeing bright lights in her concern for others. At school on Wednesdays we have chapel and we've recently started collecting an offering for children in India to be able to attend Bible clubs this summer. For every $1 raised one child gets to attend. A said that she could do some chores around the house to earn some money to give to the offering. I told her that her regular chores are not things we pay her for, but if she'd like to do some extra work I could find something for her to do. So I told her she could pick up the sweetgum tree spikey balls that are all over the backyard and for every bucket she collected I'd give her 50 cents. She put the money in the special rice bag the school gave out to hold the money for her offering. And then that night she prayed that a child who hadn't gotten an Operation Christmas Child box (we sent those to India in November) would get to go to the Bible club.

And we are constantly talking about how we've invited Jesus into our hearts and that's how we know we will be with Jesus in heaven. And a few times she's invited him into her heart too, but we've never really known if she's just saying the words or if she really understands what she's doing. She really enjoys going to pioneer clubs and had a conversation with a friend that went like this:

A: Does your family read the Bible together?
Friend: Uh. Sometimes.
A: We read the Bible together at night, so if you do that too that means we are Sisters in Christ.

After that we clarified for her that it's not reading the Bible that makes you a Christian, but it's deciding to follow Jesus and asking him into your heart. We get to have so many good conversations with her just laying in bed together. She loves to talk and any excuse to keep talking and not go to sleep and she'll take it. Sometimes we have tears in our eyes just listening to her talk about God. After I talked to her the last time about what it means to become a Christian, I feel that she understands and that she is now a Christian. She obviously understands that she sins!

Monday, March 1, 2010

What kids find fun...

Recently G has given up his afternoon nap. I'm not happy about this because he's grumpy most of the afternoon and then doesn't sleep as well at night. He ends up getting up several times at night to crawl into our bed.

So naptime has become 'quiet time'. I want to at least provide the environment and consistency needed so that he could nap. As his quiet time ended today I heard him in his room crying. Not crying like he was hurt, but kinda wimpery like he was frustrated about something. So I walked in and found this:

Yes, that's 19 pairs of training pants he wanted to wear and he was upset because the last pair wouldn't pull all the way up and kept slipping down.

Can't you just feel the frustration? Really, when did this become fun? A did this one day with 3 or 4 pairs and they thought it was hilarious. I'm guessing G was going for the world record!