Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hair issues

It was only a matter of time really. A few weeks ago A came out of her room and told me she'd cut her hair. It wasn't really that big of a piece and she said she did it because it was in her way. I was upset with her, but it wasn't bad and it was easy to cover it up. Then a few days later she came out and said she cut her hair again. This time it was super short and right in the middle of her forehead. That's what you need the week before school pictures. Yeah, we didn't order that set.

After her 2nd attempt to make her own bangs

Long hair at Easter, I was trying to work the 'sweep over' her self made mini bangs.

And this guy liked her hair as she was trying to catch him.

Let's see that in close up...

Ewww, still gives me the jibblies.

G's hair has been getting in his eyes lately and during his last haircut I tried to watch the stylist as she cut it so I could try it on my own. So last week I took the kids out in the backyard and I got my spray bottle and scissors and went to it. A was first and I chopped about 6-8 inches off the back of her hair. I let her play with the big pile of hair and she thought it was so neat. I asked her if it felt lighter and she said 'yeah, now I can run superfast!' I guess that extra hair was just keeping her back. I evened up the back as best I could and then decided to do something to the front area where she'd cut her hair. At first I just thought I'd try to cut a little close to where she'd cut to at least give her some side bangs so that the part she cut in the middle wouldn't look so lonely. But then as I cut her some bangs I decided to just go ahead and cut bangs all the way around the front (there goes all that time we spent growing them out, oh well). I have to say, I think the bangs really work for her, plus it mostly covers up the second chop that she did. And to me it makes her look a little younger, more like a little girl, so we are enjoying that too.

Here she is at their Spring Program at school with her new shorter do:

For G's hair I started at the front to get it out of his eyes and then I lifted it up and cut it even around to the back. I know it's not perfect, but I actually think it turned out okay too. It was definitely better than the last time I tried to cut it (poor guy).

This picture is from July 2009, don't their looks just say, "How could you do that mom? Spend $10 on a hair cut so G doesn't have to look silly."

Here's a current shot of him at the school program, much better job this time around.

And while I'm talking about hair I need to mention a little story about A.

She was looking at some coins she'd earned by doing some extra chores in the backyard picking up leaves and weeds. She had a quarter and we were talking about George Washington and how he and other presidents were on our money. Hubby showed her a dollar bill and said, "Look, do you see who is on this one? It's George Washington again." A looked at him and said, "Daddy, you mean it's his wife"

At first Hubby and I were puzzled but then we realized that since he had the long puffy hair and ponytail she thought it was a girl, cause girls have long hair and boys have short hair. Kids are so cute.


The Wagners said...

Lark, you did a great job on the kids' hair. I love Amelia's bangs! I just cut Riley's hair too. I did a little "framing" around the face. I figure..for now we can get away with the home cut. No need to spend the money now. Just save it because once middle school hits we won't even be able to touch their head let alone cut the hair! :-)

Milla said...

Awwww... she looks adorable with those short little bangs. hahaha kids!! I did this when I was little, too, and my mama was NOT happy. :)