Sunday, December 26, 2010

Advent Wreath

When I was a little girl I remember there was a fire alarm in my 1st grade bathroom. I was always so worried that it would go off while I was in there that I became super fast at using the bathroom. That has come in handy now because no one can accuse me of dawdling in there like a typical woman does.

I seem to have passed this fear down to A too. She is afraid of fire drills because they are loud and come out of nowhere. She begs to go to school even when she is sick, but if she knows it's almost time for a surprise fire drill she'll say she doesn't want to go. A's class also has a fire alarm in the bathroom and so she just tries to avoid using the bathroom at school and just waits until she gets home.

They read a book called Pet Heroes in the school library. It's a collection of true stories about pets who have saved their owners by alerting them to dangers or protecting them from other animals. She loved it because of the stories about dogs and we bought it at the book fair, but she wants me to skip the pages that have to do with fire.

We've been lighting the advent candle wreath on Sundays at our home. Amelia has been quite frightened of it and is always ready to blow the candles out. She doesn't want our home to catch on fire since we don't have any pets to save us. We were having this conversation about the advent wreath the other night:

A: Mommy, I don't want the candles lit, it's not safe.
M: Baby, we just have to be careful and it's perfectly safe. You know, before electricity, people used candles all the time to light up their houses at night.
A: Really?
K: Yeah, they couldn't just flip the switch to turn on a light. They had to carry candles and be careful with them.
A: Wow.
(then Hubby and I started getting nostalgic)
M: Yeah, and when we were kids we didn't have the internet
K: or cell phones
M: or even cordless phones in the house
A: Whoa! What did you do, use cans and string?

And at the Christmas Eve service, this was the first year that A was too old for the nursery and so she stayed with us. She was very concerned about us lighting all those candles and you can tell here she's not super happy.

G seems to have no hesitations around fire though, as we caught him climbing up on the altar and blowing out the church's wreath.
And the rest of Christmas Eve...

Is it a family law that children must not be cooperative when it comes to Christmas pictures by the tree when you are in a hurry to get to church on time? At least A has got the hang of it.
And our family picture try...

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