Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kids fighting

For the span of a week or so I got all Holiday Homemakerish and went on a baking spree. A and I made a Gingerbread house together (purchased last year for 1.99!)

Then I decided since I had icing I might as well make sugar cutout cookies for her ballet class because I was bringing a snack. And Amelia helped me with some of them, putting flour on the counter and cutting them out to cook. She had her hands all in my flour jar and was having a fun time playing and so I let her play and she was making a bit of a mess. Then I thought, well, she's had her hands all in the flour I don't really want to keep that flour anymore.

So I put the rest of the flour in two containers and sent both the kids into the backyard and told them to have a flour fight. After they recovered from their shock (Are you serious mom?!) they grabbed handfuls of flour and went for it.

 Poor A was downwind, so she got the brunt of the fight.

 But they had lots of fun
 and got lots of messy
 and I got lots of Christmas goodies out of it all. The house only lasted a day or so since the kids were eying it all the time and all the goodies on it.
 Smells like Christmas goodies here!

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