Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Loose teeth

Well, it's finally happened! A came and told me that she had a loose tooth. She bit down on a Cheerio and said 'ow!' Then after that she wiggled her tooth around to show me and it was pretty loose. So, I of course took pictures of her so that I could get a few more with her baby teeth smile. A few days later another one next to it was loose. She wanted me to try and pull it, but it'd been a long time since I'd pulled my own teeth and I don't have any other tooth pulling experience. So I got a dry washcloth and tried to tug on it a bit and I felt it budge a little, but it stayed in, dangling by a thread of tooth.

So when we went to visit my parents we were at Walmart and I was trying on some shoes and A  was looking at her tooth in the mirror. Then she came over and said "Hey, look mommy!" and there in her hand was the little tiny tooth.

So, since the tooth fairy was already at Walmart, she picked up some Silly Bands that A was dying to have. And even though she knows who the tooth fairy is, she still enjoyed playing pretend and putting her tooth in the tooth pillow that I used as a little girl.

And the tooth next to it wasn't far behind either! Just a few days later she was swimming at my parents' pool and she bit her goggle strap trying to get it tight and out popped her other tooth!

This time the tooth fairy had to think fast. We had a leapster game that we were going to give her the next day for the car ride up to NC and it was just the right size to slip into the pillow. From now on the tooth fairy will just have to stick to money! We can't keep this up.