Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting ready for baby

For the past few weeks I have been in full nesting mode. I've been thinking about all the things that needed to get done before the baby gets here and I've been busy crossing things off my to do list. All summer I had things planned for the kids to do and activities one on top of the other. When we finished our trip to NC then I could think about VBS, when we finished VBS I could think about our trip to Tampa, when we got back from that I started thinking about planning for the new MOPS group that I am starting in September, A's first day of school, and then all the baby things I needed to do. I've been trying to get all the baby things done by September 1st, but it seems like things keep getting added to the list. So here's what I've been up to:

Got the car seat installed for the baby. The kids are in their booster seats next to the car seat. It is super cramped back there now! It's just wall to wall carseats! Note to self, put 'research mini-vans' on to do list.

Wash the stroller. A week ago I took it outside and gave it a good scrub down. Then I spilled coke on it a few days later. Putting that back on the to do list.

Get the dresser/changing table set up. Got G's clothes out of the dresser and was able to flip it back to being a changing table. Now it has onesies, blankets, burp clothes and all baby things ready. Realized that I didn't have as many girl and boy clothes in the smaller sizes as I thought I did. Put 'shop for baby clothes' on to do list.

Shopped for baby boy/girl clothes and organized closet. G and I have been all over Gainesville at different stores looking at baby clothes. I just wanted a few things that matched together like one pack of onesies, sleepers, and hats for a boy or a girl to have at home in the newborn sizes. Put "take back clothes after baby is born" on list for whatever gender clothes we won't need. As an aside, these girl clothes are so cute it makes me want to have a girl!

Have maternity pictures taken with the kids. They did pretty good but it took a while to get some good shots with them. Goofball G was in full effect during the session.

Set up crib and swing. Check! Hubby and I got it out of the attic this past weekend and cleaned it all up and now it's ready to go.

Pack for the hospital. This was something I was glad to get finally done. If this baby is born as quick as G was I'll need to be ready to go as soon as possible!

Still left to do:
-Find Big Sister/Big Brother shirts for the kids to wear, haven't decided if I should wait to get a set of three once the baby is born yet. 
-Get a massage. Well, if I have the time I'd like to! We'll see what happens this week.
-Make some freezer meals. I've got one bag of soup for two in freezer, but I'd like to freeze a few extra things that I make this week to have a few things on hand.

I re-did the Everyday Display Board in the baby's room so that it had pictures of our maternity session instead of Baby G's pictures.
 Now we just need to find out, is it a Boy or a Girl?

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