Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer fun activities

I was really looking forward to spending time with the kids this summer and having fun together. During the school year there were a lot of things we weren't able to do and I made a list of fun things to do with the kids when they were out of school. Plus, this was the last summer before we are a family of 3 kids and I was wanting this summer to be memorable for them and I wanted to squeeze in time with the two oldest when it was just them.

So we started of the summer by having some water days in our backyard. I got this slip and slide on clearance two years ago but forgot to use it last year. They loved it!

We also had a fun time at the Church picnic, the kids spent most of their time getting snow cones and going down the bouncy waterslides.
We also did a 3 day VBS at their preschool, with a Nazareth theme.  I was their group leader in the morning (9 boys and 2 girls all 4 to 6 years old, yikes!) and they had water time fun in the afternoon while I got some time alone.
One afternoon we went to a juggling show at the Library.
 We also went the next week to see a science show where he had lots of fun illusions. A especially liked the Magic Eye pictures. I didn't think she'd have the patience to see the 3D pictures, but once she got it she was hooked. She tried to get G to do it too and she persisted in getting him to stand still long enough and he finally saw it too! Then we checked out some Magic Eye books so she could see them at home.
Then they did a week long morning VBS at a friend's church. They loved earning coupons by bringing in canned goods, memorizing their daily verse, or other things so they could exchange them for candy. They loved their art projects and snacks each day. I got some time at home and doing errands as I didn't help in this VBS.
I also took them to the mall playground one day. They love playing there but they are getting a little too big. But it was so hot outside and I had some shopping to do, there weren't many other kids there that day so it worked out.
Our church also hosted a pool party at local Park's pool. G was such a brave boy swimming with pool noodles and putting his face under water.
A was a brave girl going down the big water slide. G went down it too twice, but I didn't even know he was going down the first time and the second time I took the picture too early so I only got his feet in it.
We also went twice to a local splash park, the kids have a blast there. We could stay all day and they wouldn't get tired of it. We went at 10 am and had lunch and didn't leave until after 1pm both times. They were nice and cool, but at 7 months pregnant I was sweating it!
G had some 'Boy Time' with Daddy and they went to see Cars 2 in the theater. G has not always liked movie theaters, in fact, he's been pretty petrified of the big screen and I had to coax him into the theater last summer to see the VeggieTales movie we've watched at home. And at planetariums and things like that he is a little scared and wants to leave immediately and gets frantic if we can't get out fast enough. So after a few weeks of indecision as to if he wanted to go, Daddy convinced him it would be awesome and he got to go to his first real movie in the theater.
We also did VBS at our own church, where I was in charge of the preschool area. It's a lot of work but also a lot of fun for the kids.

One week after we'd had VBS one week and our vacation to the Grandpa and Grandma's house we spent just a few days at home doing nothing and that was fine with me. After about the second day the kids got squirmy so we got out in the afternoon to use up the free skating coupons they'd gotten in their summer reading bags from the library.
 We tried the toddler skates on them both since it was their first time but after once around the rink A decided she wanted different skates. Then with the big kid skates on she was ready to go. G wasn't really interested in skating all that much. We went around the rink twice and I held their hands but he didn't really like it. So his skates came off and then he found the soft play area and had a lot more fun there.
 A did such a good job, I was so proud of how she kept getting back up every time she fell. She didn't give up and had a lot of fun...and got a lot of bruises in the process. She went around the rink a lot of times by herself and fell so many times I couldn't count. And not just tripping or stumbling, but full on wiping out falls. She said she wished they made pads for your bottom like they do for your elbows and knees.

That was our summer! We did a lot of fun things and I enjoyed my time with the kids, all three of us at home enjoying them a little bit more since we will be adding another little one to the family soon. We stayed busy but had lots of lazy days in our pj's. It was a great summer!

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