Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day!

Thursday September 1st

1:50am- Feel first contraction, start wondering....'is this it?'
1:58- Second contraction, guess it must be time. Think we could be having this baby by 5 am!
2:30- Wake up Hubby, not sure if it's time
3:30- Call doctor, he says he'd rather see me sooner rather than later
4:00- Get showered, call hospital
4:30- Ready to go, call Sisnlaw to come be with the kids
4:45- Take a picture and we are off to the hospital

5:00-Arrive at hospital and check in. Contractions coming at 4 minutes apart, but not serious ones yet.
5:30-In the triage room, remembering how quickly G arrived and glad we aren't having this baby in the car. Checked and I'm 4cm dilated. Called my parents to let them know today was probably the day!
6:00- Admitted to hospital, moved to our room.
7:00-  Met with the doctor on call and told him I was feeling great.
8:00- Contractions are slowing down, not much happening. New doctor on call checks and I'm 4-5 cm now.
9:00- Mom leaves to drive here.
10:00-Wondering if we'll have the baby before lunch time because I'm getting hungry. Clear liquids aren't cutting it.
11:00- Mom arrives, never thought she'd make it before the 3rd baby came. Take a walk around to try and get contractions going.
12:00pm- Still waiting, some contractions. Hubby goes to get lunch.

1:00- Mom and Hubby take naps. I rest and have contractions. My doctor comes to check on me, maybe she will get to deliver one of my babies after all! Sweeps my membranes and I'm 5cm.
2:00- Getting bored, Hubby has played lots of rounds of solitaire on my computer and I'm tired of watching TV. Pain is still not too bad, but it's exhausting just sitting around waiting on things to get going.
3:30- Mom leaves to go pick up kids from Sisnlaw's house. We are still hoping to have the baby before dinner so they can come meet their new sibling.
4:00 - Pray with Hubby that God would give us wisdom as to what we should do. Should we wait it out for days like this? Should we have them break my water and get it done? Should we order Pitocin?
4:30- Consult with doctor and have Pitocin ordered. She checks me and I'm 5-6 cm. Slowly but surely I guess.
5:30- Still waiting to get the pitocin, but 'dinner' comes. I am excited to get some broth until I realize it's a cup of hot water I have to sprinkle a beef packet into. I devour the popscicle, jello, broth, and juices.
6:00- No pitocin yet, but I start having some bad back pain and some contractions get going.
7:00- Back pain goes away, contractions stall. Am amazed that I've been doing this for 17 hours now considering G was born in under 3 hours.

8:00- Am totally worn out. Wonder if I can do this at all when the hardest part is still to come. Reconsidering having an epidural and just having them break my water and get it over with.
8:30-Pitocin finally arrives, they check me and I'm 6cm. They start me on the pitocin and get a birthing ball for me to sit on to help with contractions. Contractions start coming and are starting to be painful.
8:45-Up the level of pitocin and contractions are becoming more frequent
9:00- Contractions are serious now, painful and I'm having to breath through them.
9:15-I'm doubled over with pain and can't walk anymore.
9:27- Baby kicks and my water breaks. Doctor on call is paged to come up from the ER.
9:33pm- L K is born! The doctor comes in in time to see him on my chest. Thank goodness my nurse has experience delivering babies, she's in training to be a mid-wife.
10:00pm While I'm nursing the baby Hubby goes to McDonald's to get me a much deserved cheeseburger and fries. Mmmmm.


Kristin Livesay said...

Yay for Baby Lewis! I can't believe how fast you had him once you got Pitocin! Long labor, but the sprint at the in sounds exciting! He's beautiful and so are you!!

Mel said...

Thanks for sharing, Lark! Being a first-time laborer in a few days, I found this EXTREMELY helpful! Congrats and rest up! :)