Thursday, September 8, 2011

L's First Week

L was born on Thursday night and we'd wanted to leave on Friday afternoon or evening, but they usually like babies to stay 24 hours after they are born. We'd been there for 20 hours already and were ready to get home on Friday. We had lots of visitors on Friday, my mom and the kids came by. Then Sisnlaw and the two cousins, our pastor, my dad and both grandmothers, then a couple of girlfriends.

We kept hoping we'd be released that night but they heard a heart murmur and wanted to run some tests and have him stay overnight. They had him see a pediatric cardiologist and she said it was just an innocent murmur and that it would likely close up soon. The pediatrician saw him in the morning and said he was probably just fine and it was okay for us to go home that day. Hubby had gone home for the night to get some rest and I got to have some one on one time with L.

Back at home Hubby noticed that A was getting a rash on her neck along with the sore throat she had for 2 days. He called me about it and I asked the pediatrician when she came in to talk about L. She said it was likely strep throat. So Hubby made an appointment for her to go in. It was strep throat and when there is a rash it's called Scarlet Fever. She never did have a fever and nowadays it's not the serious illness that it used to be. The pediatrician said it was fine for L to be around her since children under 2 years rarely would catch that.

So we finally got out of the hospital around 1:45 and got home and my Sis was there to greet us. We visited for a while and then the rest of the afternoon and evening we just rested and spent time looking at our sweet new little baby. A wanted to hold him all the time and was just in love. She wanted to touch him and hold him and get her picture taken with him.

Sunday we had planned to go to church, but since A had only started her antibiotics at noon on Saturday she was still contagious so we stayed home. It was a good time to all be at home and resting together. We got to play with the kids and take shifts napping and taking care of L.

Hubby could get a little work done while he was holding him.
Some friends came by to bring us a meal (Thank you!!!) and the adults and their daughter enjoyed seeing the baby. Her boys were more interested in the toys, which made me feel better about G's interest in L. He loves him and likes to see him, a little, but is not addicted to him like A is. Must be a girl thing!

Just big as Daddy's arm.
 On Tuesday A went back to school and so it was the boys first day at home together. Sweet brothers!
 We had our first outing as I took the boys to Bible Study that was starting for the fall that day. L did great and everyone there was so surprised when I arrived. He did great, I nursed him twice and changed him and he didn't fuss the whole morning while we were there.

 I caught a little smile!

 Wednesday was the day of his first doctor's appointment. And here is what he was like a week before...
 The check up went great, Dr. said his heart murmur was gone and that he looked wonderful.
 My mom was at the house from Tuesday to Thursday afternoon. She cleaned almost every square inch of my house (for instance, she spent an hour and 1/2 cleaning the bottom tracks on the sliding glass door in the kitchen, whew!). She is very thorough and I appreciated the deep cleaning that she did.
 Thursday morning I went over to a friend's house who is a photographer and she took these gorgeous newborn photos of L. I am so blessed, what a sweet boy!

And that's how the first week of L's life has gone. It's been a blessing for us, we are so in love.

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