Friday, October 14, 2011

6 Weeks

Well, L is 6 weeks old now and he really has grown! You know, sometimes it's not until you are away from something that you notice it changing, like the grass growing. But he's growing so fast it seems like each time we pick him up he's grown some more! We are calling him our Chunky Monkey.

 In 5 days, he gained a WHOLE POUND! Many moms are happy if their baby gained a half and ounce or so per day and mine has been putting on 3 oz per day! I put him in the swing and it just looked like he really filled it out now instead of being a little peanut in the swing. And his cheeks! So plump and pinchable. And a double chin and leg rolls, so adorable.

Here are two pictures of him, one at 5 days old and the other at 6 weeks old

And this one he is filling out his carseat at 7 weeks.

 And this is how I get laundry done. Fussy baby, have to take him along around the house with me, but need hands to do the laundry...Hmm, where should I put the baby for a second? That looks nice and soft...

Sleep is getting a little more regular. We put him down around 10 or 11 and I get up at 1, 4, and 6:30 to feed him. He is still sleeping in the swing at night. During the day for naps he'll sleep in the swing or on the couch after falling asleep on my chest.

One big achievement this week-he's starting to smile! It'll be a while before we can catch it on camera but he's starting to smile on purpose for us instead of just for gas.

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