Friday, October 28, 2011

Hysterics at the Doctor

Little L is such a sweet smiley guy now! But I haven't caught a smile in a photo yet, I'll try to do that this week. It's so adorable and makes sleep deprivation so worth it.

 L is our little pumpkin boy this year. Both of the other kids wore this outfit, but he's the only one who filled it out. The other two weren't even a month old in October and he's almost two months now. He's getting bigger every day! People who see him can't believe how much he's grown from the last time they've seen him. Such chunky cheeks and a little double chin!

Thursday the big kids had their yearly well visit at the doctor's office. G had to have two shots, get a flu mist and have his iron checked. He was NOT a happy camper afterward. I knew it wasn't going to go well when he started freaking out about the blood pressure cuff on his arm. He did great with the flu mist, was upset and crying after getting his iron checked and was positively wild when we tried to get his two shots done. I was holding his arms and body down while the nurse held his legs and gave the shots. He screamed! And when it was over he was so mad at me and said (at the top of his lungs) "I'm NEVER coming back here AGAIN!!!" and "I'm never loving you again, or daddy or my teachers or my friends!" L was crying and A was yelling at G to be quiet because she couldn't hear her Leapster game. So that was a tad stressful....

Once we got in the car A regained her senses and tried to calm G down and help him feel better. I decided it was time for us to do something fun instead of taking A back to school. So we headed to the museum so they could play in the Wild Music Exhibit. Hubby met us over there after his meeting and the kids had a blast in the Jamming Room.

Mommas know when their kiddos just need to let off a little steam. Whew, and this momma needed a break too!

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