Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome October

We have been sweltering all summer. People in town would complain at how hot it was and then they'd see me at 8 months pregnant. We've all been looking forward to the fall and cooler weather.

A in particular has been looking forward to fall. On the official '1st day of fall' she came home and told us it was fall and that she wanted to get our fall decorations down. It certainly wasn't feeling like fall at that point, but we got them down the next day and she decorated the house with pumpkins and pretty quilt hangings. She begged me to get the Halloween decorations down but I drew the line and said those had to wait for October.

Well she was sick and stayed home from school on Friday so for something to do we went ahead and got the Halloween stuff out and she got to decorate the house again, adding jack-o-lanterns and other items to the mix.

We also got down the Halloween costume I'd picked out on clearance last year for G. I found a Woody costume from Toy Story and thought I'd get it for him, even if it was for dress up. From the second he put it on he was in love. He danced around to our Toy Story music and was tipping his hat and saying, 'Howdy' and 'Partner.' He wants to wear it every day now. He even wore it out to run errands the other day with me and the people at Moe's thought he was so cute. I need to find some cowboy boots, cause it looks a little silly with flip flops, ha!

So on Saturday we woke up to beautiful fall weather. In the morning we opened the house and let the cool air in. A wanted to play outside and she was so excited about it being cooler and even got a jacket on. I overheard her say as she was about to go out, "October, here I come!"

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