Thursday, February 9, 2012

The good part

Life is like a good novel.

Personally I envision The Lord of the Rings as I think about the parallels, but really any novel with suspense would probably do. There's always that part just before the climax of the story. You know, the characters lives all are in danger, things seem hopeless, and you wonder how in the heck it's going to end. Then all of a sudden everything changes, the battle is won, the hero saves the day and things are set right. And it's not just right, it's more right and wonderful than you thought it could be. As bad and as awful as it was, it's the complete opposite now. It's kind of like a pendulum swinging, the farther things go down the bad side the farther they can swing to the good side. And when it's all over, things stay on the good side and you look back and say, "Well of course that's how it was going to happen," and you see it so clear. 
I feel like here on earth we are in the middle of a story like that. Our creative God is crafting the ultimate suspense story. Things keep getting worse and worse, life is tough and and shadows loom on the horizon. I feel like we are in the shadows of Mordor with all the pain and suffering and death and awfulness going on. 
Fortunately we already know what will happen at the end. I know someone who, upon getting the last Harry Potter book, read the last chapter first so she could find out what happened and then read the rest of the book in peace, already knowing the end. God doesn't want us to go on in suspense wondering what is going to happen. He gave us the book of Revelation and recounts what will happen in the last days. He wants us to read the last chapter of Earth's story and live in peace knowing that everything will be made right no matter how bad things get here.

It's the difference in watching your team play a tight game and watching the replay of the game when you already know the outcome. You can relax and you are not anxious, you can watch the replay in peace. God wants us to have peace here and we can enjoy that if we know what the ending is going to be.

I like happy endings, don't you?

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