Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Day

So A broke her arm. She was trying to get over the baby gate in L's bedroom. She stood on top of it and went to jump off of it. Since it wasn't bolted into the door frame it came off and she fell forward and fell on her arm funny. We took her to the doctor the next morning and, because A couldn't straighten her arm out without being in pain, she referred us for x-rays. The x-rays didn't show a conclusive break, just some swelling, but they wanted her to go to an orthopedist anyway. So we made an appointment for later that night and after they did their own x-rays they decided that she should have a cast. They said that even though you couldn't see the break, it was likely swollen because of a small fracture and with kids you can't always see it on the x-ray. So she got her arm all washed off, wrapped up and of course got a pink cast. They made the follow up appointment for two weeks from the injury, right after the last day of school.

The cast didn't seem to slow her down all that much. She still was up to her regular antics and we were glad that she had the cast because she would have never been able to keep it still and rest it without the cast on. A few days before school was out A had her field day and enjoyed playing games with her classmates.

At first she didn't want anyone to sign her cast because it'd 'mess it up'. Then after a week or so she let her family members sign it and then her friends at church and then her classmates at school. For some of the boys she signed their names for them so it would look good. Of course, she ended up spelling some names wrong. Oops.

What a lucky break! She broke her arm but not too bad. She got to have a cast, but only for two weeks. Long enough to get attention and sympathy but she was able to get it off just when the novelty was wearing off. And she got it off on the last day of school, so she didn't miss any summer water time fun because of having to stay dry. Lucky break A! But in the end I do think the threat of having to spend more time in the cast and just the pain of breaking it in the first place has been enough of a learning lesson for her.

Getting ready to have her cast sawed off.

Her arm was really stiff and she said it felt funny to have it out, but felt so good to itch it. Hopefully we won't have to repeat this for anymore of our kids, but with how active and inquisitive they are I honestly would be pleasantly surprised if we didn't have any more casts in our future.

Monday, June 11, 2012


A says that science and math are her favorite subjects in school. She is our little tomboy ballerina, she's a sweet girl but loves to play in the dirt. When she's playing in the backyard she likes to cut up different plants and leaves and put them in a container, she calls it her 'nature salad.' One afternoon she came running in to tell me that Ghad found a caterpillar outside and 'it's green and looks friendly and I don't think it's poisonous, can I touch it!?'  So I gave the okay and she was in hog heaven letting it crawl around on her hand and tickle her with all of of its sticky feet.

Later I decided to take the kids for a bike ride to the park she put it in their bug collection jar and rode off with it in her bike basket. When we got back from the park we noticed this silky stuff all over it.

I realized it was probably ready to make a cocoon so I looked it up on the internet to try and determine what kind of caterpillar it was. From what I could guess it looked like a Luna Moth caterpillar and we put in a leaf from our sweet gum tree. By the evening time it had pulled the leaf up around itself and started making it's cocoon.

A few days later the kids found another caterpillar just like the other one so we knew just what to do. We put it in another container with some sweet gum leaves and it made it's cocoon that night.

So we waited and waited. A and G were so excited for them to hatch. While we waited I took A for some girl time on a trip to the Butterfly Rainforest. We saw African Luna Moths there on display and in the cocoon nursery we got to watch a butterfly emerge right in front of our eyes. The internet said that Luna Moths will cocoon for two weeks. After two weeks had passed I was starting to worry that we'd killed them somehow. Three and 1/2 weeks later one night at dinner A yelled out, "Our Luna Moth hatched!!" We all raced over to the porch to see that it had indeed emerged and was drying out his wings.

They were so excited about him coming out of his cocoon. We were excited that our caterpillar searches were correct and that it was indeed a Luna Moth. We watched videos online and found out that our moth was a male, so we were hoping that the second one would be a female and we could see the whole life cycle happening.

So, sure enough, two days later the second moth emerged from the cocoon. This time we noticed it a little bit sooner and so we got to see what it looked like before the wings had dried out.

Midway through the wing dry out...

Fully dried out wings.

Unfortunately the second moth was also a male. So after a few days of watching them on the porch we let them go. We were so thankful that God allowed us to have a science lesson right in our own backyard.