Sunday, March 18, 2012

First foods

L got to have his first solids in February. He was ready to go!

 He wasn't quite sure at first how to do it, most of the watery rice cereal dribbled down his chin.

 He kept wanting to stick his fingers in his mouth or grab the spoon.
 But overall, he got some down and we marked it as a messy success.
A few weeks of just the rice cereal and we got the go ahead from the pediatrician to start him on some other types of foods. We'd been thickening the cereal up (at first he would gag if it was thicker than water!) bit by bit and he was taking two bowls of it per day. So we figured we'd start him out on some peas.

He was ready for the new tastes, bring on the peas!

 He liked it okay and ate about 1/2 a jar that day. The next day he woke up like this. Happy and Hivey.
Yikes! And the hives only got worse once we got to the doctors office. They gave him Benadryl and took some blood to have tested. He had to be on Benadryl for a few days to keep the hives at bay. The tests came back negative for all of the major allergens (milk, soy, peanuts, etc) so that's good to know he doesn't have any of those. So, we'll just be staying away from peas for a while. And what kid doesn't want that excuse? Sorry Mommy, I'm allergic to peas. Maybe he'll be like his daddy and have random allergies. Hubby is allergic to uncooked carrots and apples. Weird.