Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse

You know, my husband has gotten chuckles from others for his eclectic music tastes. He enjoys listening to classical as much as hip hop and any style in between with the exception of country. I'd say he's well rounded in his music (even though he didn't know who Adele was until a month ago).

My book tastes are not quite as varied as his music tastes, but I do enjoy reading a wide spectrum of literature. I read mostly in the Christian Living section with some departures into the classics and historical fiction.

I guess you could call my most recent read 'historical fiction'..... L picked up my book from the library and took it to Hubby and said, 'Daddy's book'. He took a look at it and thought that I must have accidentally checked it out. But when he found out I'd checked out World War Z on purpose he was totally confused. I explained it was for my book club.

I've been a part of this women's book club for a few years and have enjoyed reading books, discussing them together, and widening my spectrum. So, while I probably wouldn't have just picked up a book about the future zombie apocalypse, it did make for some good discussion.

The book was set up as a series of post-war interviews with many different survivors, and only rarely were there any repeats of the same person giving an interview in a later chapter. It was an interesting concept but it did ultimately make the book more difficult to follow.

My general impression of the book was that it was an interesting concept and a non-threatening way to look at what the end of the world might look like, albeit, death by zombies. Since we all know that zombies are not real we were able to read the book from a distance and not be horrified at the possibility of millions of people actually dying. There was also some morbid humor and ironic twists as the book cataloged how different nations prepared for and handled the war (hint: don't plan any visits to North Korea, but you'll do great in Cuba). You also got to see how a crisis makes people realize what is really worthwhile. For example, in the recovery time skilled tradespeople were more in demand than business executives.

The end of the world is a future reality from a Christian standpoint. We believe that Jesus will come back one day and that life on earth only has a limited time span. I think we all have the truth within us knowing that life on earth is not all there is. It's understandable that non-christian books pop up on how the world will end and I find it interesting to explore what people think that will look like.

So, while I can't say that I 'liked' the book all that much, there was too much violence (though not gratuitous) and colorful language for me. However it was an interesting read and gave me more of a pop-cultural knowledge about how to survive an outbreak of zombies. You never know when that will come in hand.

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